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pcv valve

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    Victorville, CA..........Hi Listed my short horror story in Profile. :help::help::help::help:
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    PCV Valve

    PCV Valce Motorcraft ev255 Blow test failed? I got two new valves from Rockauto and I am wondering that I can blow through it in both directions. It rattles. That valve should allow flow only in one direction?
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    PCV Valve replacement on 04 Sport Trac

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could show me what a PCV valve on a 04 4.0L sport Trac looks like. The one that is in it right now is completely hollow (not sure if that's how it's supposed to be) and the replacement one I purchased from napa isn't hollow and has a small aluminum pipe wrapped...
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    4.6L 3V PCV location - 2008

    tried looking online for the past week and still having trouble with this. does this engine have a pcv valve that can be replaced on its own or is it pressed into the valve cover?
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    PCV valve and Mass air flow sensor

    I have a 2013 explorer XLT I bought used. I have not had the best gas mileage and today I noticed a fluctuating idle. I went by my mechanic and we decided to quickly check the mass airflow sensor. He found oil on the air filter and when he looked at the PCB valve,. It was nonexistent. We...
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    New to this site: Where and what is the PCV valve? Where are these hoses supposed to connect?

    My 1994 explorer (4 door limited) has been having some troubles. My idle is not even, I have had the air tubes pop off the tree with Transmission fluid on them. I have looked around and see that the modulator needs to be replaced. I am changing spark plugs and wires. I am heard that the PCV...
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    PCV hose

    Aloha team, 3 quick questions: 1. Anyone have tips for determining if the PCV hose from the back of the engine is bad? How about replacing it- any easy way to remove/replace? 2. I just replaced intake gaskets - how can I tell if I'm still leaking? 3. Where else to look for a persistent 171...
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    PCV Valve

    So I noticed a lot of oil moisture around the valve covers of my 2003 ford explorer 4.0l. It seemed like it was coming from the rear of the engine so I checked the PCV valve. Sure enough the thing popped right out without twisting it. I removed the hose that runs up to the intake manifold and...
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    PCV valve replacement help - 2004 Explorer Limited

    I am trying to find a good video online of a PCV valve replacement for my 2004 Ford Explorer Limited. Thanks for your help!
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    PCV valve replacement.

    New to the site - great info so far! I just bought a used 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 with 107K. It didn't come with any of the manuals, so I downloaded the owner's manual and service manual from www.fleet.ford.com I was reading the service manual, and the schedule for 100K includes the...