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    05 Sport Trac - Cant get PCV grommet in the hole. Any Suggestions?

    Im trying to replace a PCV Valve grommet on my 05 Sport Trac but I can't get it to fit in the hole. Ive ordered 4 different ones and although all were different in design they all had the same diameter and thickness. And I haven't been able to get any of them seated. They all seem to be too...
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    VCT (variable cam timing) seals leaking - 2013 PIU

    2013 PIU, 94K, well maintained. Synthetic oil. I had planned on doing my plugs and PCV before winter, so since the manifold is off, why not address my VCT seal leak too. Also called a VVT (variable valve timing) it seems. Also, since I have the valve cover off, is there any advantage to...
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    4.0 OHV PCV Grommet Part 42592

    Just thought I’d post this info in case anyone needs it too. I recently decided to change the pcv grommet on my 2000 since I’m redoing the entire vacuum system. Below is the part that I ordered through advance auto. I imagine it’s the same for all OHV Explorers, or at the least 98-00...
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    Jerking when under 1000 RPM

    Whenever I slow down and the rpm is under 1000, no pedals being pressed, the RPMs start to go up and down and at sometimes can hit close to 0 and the car feels like its jittering. At higher speed, the RPMs are normal and have no problem driving. I have a 2015 PIU with 120k miles. Do any of these...
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    bank 1 and 2 lean codes fix?

    hey guys so i just picked up a 1998 ford explorer sport (2 door v6) 88k miles magically the CEL came on after 250 miles of driving (i know i should have checked to see if it was reset) codes were P0171 and P0174. -I ran some injector cleaner thru and dry gas as well, reset and light came back...
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    New to this site: Where and what is the PCV valve? Where are these hoses supposed to connect?

    My 1994 explorer (4 door limited) has been having some troubles. My idle is not even, I have had the air tubes pop off the tree with Transmission fluid on them. I have looked around and see that the modulator needs to be replaced. I am changing spark plugs and wires. I am heard that the PCV...
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    New member needing some help

    Hello everyone I have a 98 SOHC V6 in the UK and it is running very rough on cold start ups. I've replaced the PCV valve and the idle air control valve which did make a difference, albeit for the engine to rev quite high every time it's started hot or cold. Is there any suggestions on what I...
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    PCV Valve

    So I noticed a lot of oil moisture around the valve covers of my 2003 ford explorer 4.0l. It seemed like it was coming from the rear of the engine so I checked the PCV valve. Sure enough the thing popped right out without twisting it. I removed the hose that runs up to the intake manifold and...
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    general PCV/breather question

    afternoon all, very seldom poster here, but i have a few questions about the PCV/ valve breather on my 04 ex. first of all there seems to be oil in the breather tube, understandably with 177,xxx miles on my 4.0 v6 there should be an increased amount of blow-by. i was wondering if this had...
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    Job1 PCV Valve.

    So i found out today that I have a job1 sport trac. I need to change my PCV but can't find the part anywhere. I even went to my local Ford dealership who are idiots and didn't know that there was a difference in job1 and 2. Can anyone point me in the direction of this part? Either a store or...
  11. Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve
  12. Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve

    Job 1 PCV Valve
  13. Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve.

    Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve.