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    brake pedal input sensor????

    so i was driving the other day to use my buddies code reader and plugged it in and it read "1483 brake petal input circuit fault" didnt think any thing of it until last night i went to hit the break and the pedal would not move, like locked up firm which also made the brakes basically...
  2. M

    Low brake fluid light with new brakes help !!!!!

    I am in need for some help on this one. 2006 explorer 145,000 miles about a week ago the Low brake fluid light came on in the information screen and the solid brake light is also illuminated. Prior to this i had noticed some travel in the pedal to the floor. I checked the fluid level "its...
  3. J

    need help with the a clutch pedal

    Hey hows it going? So as some of you know im gathering parts for a auto to manual swap on my 92 explorer. I have most of the parts in order with the exception of clutch pedal... important part right! Any way does anyone have a spare clutch pedal assembly or know of where I can find one, no luck...
  4. B

    05 Explorer Throttle issue?

    Hey guys, I want to double check a diagnosis from my local ford dealer that I'm not 100% sure of. I won't tell you what they advised until I see your responses, I don't want to lead you! 2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L V6 4x2 Issue: Engine "kicks" pretty hard into gear when pushing down...
  5. N

    2012 Explorer Gas Pedal Vibration 1200-1500RPM

    Hello all, At the end of August I got a 2012 Explorer AWD XLT with 18" wheels after Ford swapped it under the Lemon Law for my 2010 Explorer that had no brakes (6 months of fighting with Ford - I am more than happy to answer any Lemon Law questions if needed). So far my MyTouch has had some...
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    R and R Clutch/Brake Pedal Assy

    My clutch/brake pedals were very stiff. It was at the point where I had to pull the brake pedal back up with the top of my foot. I was able to pick up the whole new assembly from Ford for about $150 CAD. After much searching, I couldn't really find a comprehensive guide to remove this from...
  7. P

    More Brake Problems

    MOT cancelled! On my way to the MOT station at last, I noticed that the brakes were quite poor. I'd tested them on the drive after fitting the new ABS module and they'd seemed fine but this had been a limited test. Today though, there was a lot more pedal travel than I remember and poor...
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    1996 Explorer E-Brake Pedal Stuck

    Hello All, So today I took my 1996 Explorer out for a drive after it has been sitting for a few months. It started right up and rode as if I drove it everyday. This was my first new truck and I have some attachment issues, but now for the problem. This Explorer is manual so I always set...
  9. H

    Power Seat/Power Pedals Dead

    my driver seat power pedals and power seat are not responding. Green light on memory switch also not lit up anymore. Mechanic said it was the motor assembly on the seat, but that does not align with the info on the web. It seems more likely the memory module. Checked all fuses and they are...