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  1. C

    2003 Explorer XLT - major engine issue

    I am intermediate level mechanic trying to do an advanced project, the cost of having it done professionally is more than the vehicle is worth so, what do I have to lose? The mileage on the vehicle is about 85K and it has the 4.0L V6 Flex-fuel, automatic transmission, 2-wheel drive. While...
  2. C

    V8 '96 XLT Rear air issue

    I've read a lot on the problems and fixes of the blend air door but haven't seen this one. My air up front works fine but the rear air doesn't blow thru the vents anymore. You can hear the blower working but no air is being pushed thru the vents. Is this just a blend door issue as well? Thx for...
  3. M

    Need some help replacing Plenum gasket

    I don't know how to search these forums as well as most of you, and I need some help. I took my 97 SOHC to a mechanic, and he said that I needed to replace the plenum gasket and my MAF sensor. I haven't been able to pass smog because of P0171 and P0174. I finally just took it in to have them...
  4. T

    Defroster Door shaft broken, Need help getting to Pleunm Chamber

    Help! I have always had poor airflow from my defrost vents. There isn't enough airflow to the windshield to keep from fogging up with more than me in the car! Long story short, I found that the defroster door on the left side of the plenum chamber is broken(so half of the airflow goes to the...
  5. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Mustang GT 3V 4.6L V8 with Plenum Cover SCT Custom Tuned
  6. N

    4.0 OHV Intake Plenums?

    Did Ford have different designs of intake plenums for 95-97 and 98-00? I was recently under the hood of a friend's 98, and even though I didn't have my 95 with me to do a direct visual comparison, the 98 looked a little bit different, and had a different path for the plug wires. So, are the...
  7. B

    Stripped Throttle Body Bolts -- how to repair

    Greetings all, Owner of 98 Explorer V6 OHV, recently did upper intake gaskets and all vacuum hoses to fix lean codes. When I was reassembling the plenum, I fear I may have stripped one of the throttle body bolts. These are a set of four bolts, identical to the ones that hold down the coil...