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  1. F

    97 5.0 V8 Freeze plugs rotted out

    Bought the car as a project recently It's a limited AWD 5.0 v8 just wondering how much one would charge to replace all the freeze plugs around the engine does this require pulling the engine? Should sealant be applied ? And pretty much I just want a rough estimate of what I'm looking at...
  2. 08EddieCA

    Changed plugs - oil on plug collar and threads - no coolant or oil loss

    Hello, I have a 2008 Ford Exp Eddie B 4.0L with $115K miles on the motor. I changed the plugs today (they had 30K on them) and I noticed there was oil on the collar of the plugs and some oil on the threads. The electrode and surrounding area was clean - very clean with normal wear. And...
  3. P

    Disconnected plugs-please HELP!

    Hi, I'm new with Explorers. Moreover, I purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer two weeks ago. Now, I have notice that the Explorer have two plugs (connectors) disconnected and I want to know what it's the purpose of these cable plugs and why do you think they're disconnected. Location of the plugs...
  4. D

    Plugs and mystery slot

    I swear I posted this, but maybe I did something wrong - sorry if it is a dupe! My neighbor buddy, along with my small hands and arms, finished changing the plugs. However we noticed a hole to the left of the front plug on bank one. We cannot identify it through that stupid Haynes manual...
  5. J

    misfire on cylinder 4 & 6

    background: explorer ran fine for a year or so after I bought it, however would notice sometimes at WOT the CEL would flash briefly till I let off the gas, and it would accelerate and run fine fast forward to a week ago, I finally got a CEL that was constant...ran the code and got...
  6. M

    One and six not firing.

    Bought this 97 Explorer two door. Auto zone diagnostic show 1 and 6 not firing. The people who sold it were very honest and said its missing and we dont know. Their friends replaced the wires, plugs and coil. I bought a new coil just in case. Still missing. Very consistent...
  7. K

    2004 Ford Explorer XLS sporadic misfire on all cylinders

    Please someone help! It only does this at Idle. My mechanic has checked/changed fuel trim, plugs, coil pack, wires, timing chain, fuel pressure, fuel filter, etc..the basic stuff you would think of. I took it to the dealer today and had the PCM flashed with the latest software as he thought that...
  8. R

    94 Ranger ignition question (Code 224)

    I have a 94 Ranger SuperCab, 2WD IL4 5 Speed Manual. I bought it a few months ago and it has at least 140,000 miles on it. The motor misses under a load especially when at full operating temperature. Checking CEL codes yields the following: KOEO: 337 CM: 224, 337 KEOR: 337 Inspection...
  9. Two female plugs are used to avoid splicing wiring.

    Two female plugs are used to avoid splicing wiring.

  10. The old & new power plugs.

    The old & new power plugs.

  11. Close up view of the banana plugs.

    Close up view of the banana plugs.

  12. Break out view of the banana plugs.

    Break out view of the banana plugs.

  13. G

    02' Explorer Sport V6 4.0

    This forum has been so immensely helpful to me and has probably saved me over $2,000 (at least) in the last few years. I'd like to detail all the issues I've had w/ my explorer sport in the hopes that it will help someone else out. Some of this may be a little simplistic, but I hope it will help...
  14. CamDJClimited

    Spark Plug Problem?? What could this be?

    So recently, I had a #7 Cylinder Misfire in my 1996 AWD V8 Explorer. I got the plugs, wires, and coil packs changed with brand new ones, and now I have a misfire on Cylinder #5. Anyone know what could have happened? I get the code P0305 and sometimes the check engine light flashes. Before the...
  15. D

    Tune up time!! What's best

    Hey peeps, I've recently purchased a '95 Eddie Bauer with a low low 240000 miles on it. I'm wanting to do some plugs and wires and am not sure if I should go with stock motorcrafts, or something more expensive. This is the first I've ever worked with the coil packs. I'd like to get better power...
  16. M

    White smoke and gasoline coming out of exhaust?

    I have a '93 4.0 Explorer with 219k miles. I started it about an hour after using it last and it wouldn't start or run right. She was blowing white smoke and gasoline out of the exhaust pipe. I drove it home from where I was which was about an hour trip and the white smoke eventually went away...
  17. 2005 f-150 spark plugs

    2005 f-150 spark plugs

    pulled the spark plugs at 72k miles and 7 out of 8 broke off in the cylinder head. An extraction kit made by Lisle tool, got all 7 broken plugs out.
  18. B

    98 Explorer V6 OHV stalls after wires/plugs changed

    Greetings all, I have 98 XLT V6 pushrod 4x4, 115K miles. I just changed my plugs/wires (had cylinder misfire on #3). JBA cables/NGK iridiums. Had to gunk engine before changing plugs due to build up of oil and grime (I inherited truck). After changing plugs and wires, truck turns over...
  19. M

    Spark Plugs: whats best?

    Its time for my plugs to be changed again. I was wondering what peoples suggestions are for best performance and life? Ive got a 4.0l V6 OHV...Thanks!
  20. C


    I have a 94 ford explorer and it has had many problems but its become my project and I refuse to give up on it so.. I bought it and it would only start on the thrid try. It ran very sluggish when you would take off it would almost stall eh it really didnt stall but it would seem that the...
  21. H


    hey, i have a 04 explorer flexfuel and i was wondering what plug u recomend.
  22. Magnetic drain plugs from Lisle.

    Magnetic drain plugs from Lisle.

    They are 1/2" X 20. The one on the right is the regular size while the one on the left is the oversize type which is a little longer in length.