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police interceptor

  1. T

    Rear seat headrest guide for 2013/4 police interceptor

    Has anyone opened the top of the rear seats to see if the frame will accommodate headrest guides? In the police interceptor models. Ebay has them listed detailing them for Ford explorer police interceptor models. .
  2. S

    2015 rollover resurrection $309

    Hello there. Hope you like $309 purchase salvage car. This 22k mile had not one straight body panel when unpicked it up. Thought about pulling the drivetrain and scrapping the rest. As I messed with it I found out it really only needed a tie rod end and some trans fluid to make it drivable...
  3. C

    New to this site, but already excited...

    Hi fellow member, I am glad I found this forum. I expect to be able to contribute to the site as well as to meet new people, and exchange information and ideas. I recently bought a 2013 Explorer XLT which I converted to use for protection/escorts, as well as a mobile emergency office. I'll be...
  4. A

    2014 Ford Explorer PIU Police Interceptor Utility 50k low miles

    2014 Ford Explorer, Police Interceptor Utility PIU edition. This edition features a larger motor 3.7L and AWD transmission (instead of 3.5L) on standard models. Clean NJ title in hand. Located in North Bergen, NJ SUV has leather interior, and 3rd row seating. Has 50k miles, religiously...
  5. Rick

    Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Ballistics Level III Testing