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  1. Bobs2018Explorer

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  2. A

    2013 Utility Wiring help, rear tail light brake lights

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 2013 Utility from the highway patrol. It appears that the middle brake light works, turn signals, but I do not have the left and right brake lights or reverse lights. All the wiring is hooked up, but I did see some splicing and a wheelin module connected to...
  3. G

    California Emissions System on PIU

    Are all PIUs equipped with CA emissions or only in select states? Thanks.
  4. G

    Is it legal to own a PIU?

    For the last few years, I have been considering picking one up as a third car for hauling/towing stuff and whatnot. Is it legal to own one in California?
  5. C

    Explorer Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Install

    Hey everyone, if you own an Explorer I'm sure you're aware of the Carbon Monoxide issues entering the cabin. I took it upon myself as a safety measure to go out and buy a Detector. I purchased this simple unit at my local Home Depot for $19.97 plus tax. Given the fact I'm still in limbo with...
  6. I

    Police Interceptor Utility 3.5 ecoboost

    Can anyone tell me what year they began using these models. I have been trying to find a turbo PIU but someone told me they came began in 2015 so we wont see used models for a while. Is this true? I know the Taurus PI has been using this since 2013.
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  9. 2016 Explorer Sport

    2016 Explorer Sport

  10. C

    Police Interceptor Utility Explorer Owners

    Just bought 2014 PI Explorer.Seeing if anyone else lurking around has one? Would be nice to have a sub-forum for questions etc.
  11. B

    Sub Forum for Police Interceptors

    It seems like there is an increase in people who are purchasing used explorer interceptors (like myself). Other forums like ones for the Ford Taurus have created a sub forum for PI models. Would it be possible to do the same here? I think it would help a small yet growing community within the...
  12. I

    2015 Interceptor Utility is ordered

    It took some doing but I finally got the Ford approval and placed my order for my new work vehicle, an Interceptor Utility Ecoboost!! It was a hard choice on color but I got the common Ingot Silver with the interior upgrade package and SYNC system with configurable steering wheel switches...
  13. T

    Got Pulled Over (Kinda) Now I have Some Questions...

    So I did a donut, as in a single donut in a snowy parking lot and I was far away from any people. I then went a pulled into a spot and a police officer pulled up behind me, asked if I was having fun, asked for my ID and then left. He said if you are going to do that any more go somewhere else...
  14. E

    Ford explorer Go rhino push bar

    Brand new and never used go rhino push bar up for sale, willing to take 225.00 for it, plus the shipping. It will fit a 2002-2005 gen ford explorer, not the sport trac. Any questions or comments, pm me
  15. L

    2013 Interceptors - Notice the engine displacement on the Ex (for those who don't kno

    2013 Police Interceptors - Explorer included. It took a while to find, but interesting how the interceptor explorer has a 3.7 liter - not 3.5 liter engine. Sgt, you probably already found/saw this, but I didn't know for sure about the displacement.:troops...
  16. arco777

    Crown Vic gives its life to save Explorer - Pics/Video

    A police chase in Cedar Rapids ended with a first gen Explorer and a pursuing officer's Crown Victoria both stuck on train tracks. How they managed to get a 4WD (note the visible front hubs) Explorer stuck on the track is a mystery... maybe his shift motor needed rebuilt. Both parties exited...
  17. Police Interceptor

    Police Interceptor

  18. Pull me over please!

    Pull me over please!

    Awesome Looking Police Vehicle at South Padre Island, TX.