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  1. C

    '93 Ranger 4.0L - Poly motor mounts?

    I'm going to be replacing the motor and trans in my '93 Ranger soon. It will be getting a mildly worked 4.0L-OHV (comp 410 cam, light port/polish, headers), but I drive it and work it hard. I feel like the available parts store motor mounts just don't hold up (or the trans mounts..). I can't...
  2. obie

    For Sale 1991-2001 Daystar Poly Body Mount Bushings - Unused and In Box

    I'm selling a set of Daystar polyurethane body mount bushings for a 1991-2001 Explorer. Kit number is KF04009BK. I bought these before I decided to replace all my bushings with poly ones, and had to buy a Daystar master kit due to several individual kits being discontinued. The box is opened and...
  3. obie

    Daystar Polyurethane Bushing Sets Being Discontinued

    So I posted this in my registry, but I thought it might help a few more people if I made a separate, easily visible thread about it. If anyone is wanting the following Daystar poly bushings, lots are no longer being produced. I found out today from 4 Wheel Parts (5 days after I placed my...
  4. F

    Help w/ diff bushings: Ford 8.8 into RX7

    Greetings and Saluations, Funny how car projects lead us to all ends of the internet isn't it? Short story... I work as a mechanical engineer in Southern California and drive a Chevy LS1 powered Mazda RX7 rocking Nissan 350z brakes. I'm looking to upgrade my IRS to the excellent 31...