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popping noise

  1. Number4

    Popping noise over bumps

    Guess this might be a likely source. Will see tomorrow, but sounded like it was up front. However there’s no evidence of metal moving anywhere up front. Ever see these pop out? Took some effort, but got it back in. Will put it on the list of things to change out. Rear sway bar to frame...
  2. P

    Popping noise while driving

    I have a 97 awd 5.0 limited. It has a popping noise in the front driver's side when driving, more so when accelerating. The control arms and cv joints on that side appear to be in good shape and fairly new. I jacked it up and wiggled the front drivers side wheel, it was pretty stationary with...
  3. J

    Front end popping noise question

    I have an 04 explorer 4.0 v6 with 66,000 miles. I have replaced almost everything that would need to be replaced through regular wear and tear including most of the front end suspension complements. The only problem I'm having is that after replaced the lower ball joints, and upper control arms...
  4. L

    Popping noise from front end when turning left (Have Video)

    I have a popping noise when I turn my steering wheel left. I don't have to be moving for this noise to happen, in fact the video is shot when my truck is turned off so you can hear clearly without the sounds of the engine. Any help will be much appreciated. http://youtu.be/Z_dJ37EPJf8
  5. C

    Pop when braking

    I just picked up a 91 Explorer EB 4x4 (for CHEAP) it has some minor issues (window motor, door lock, etc.) One issue I want to fix right away is what I think is a suspension/steering issue. About a half second after braking hard there is a loud pop in the front end. I also heard a small pop...
  6. M

    Sub Woofer Draining Battery When Car is Not Running

    2003 Explorer XLT, Mach 6-CD stereo with factory sub woofer.... Have traced a 0.75A current draining the battery 24/7 when car is not running to something related to the stereo sub woofer. First, I noticed the sub was not working when the stereo is playing. Then noticed when car engine...
  7. J

    Thumping sound in front end 2004 4.0

    Ok so while making a u-turn today. I heard a loud pop the a thumping sound as Im driving off. Truck continues to thump while driving. Didn't get to really check it out besides a visual check with tire on because it was getting dark. Any ideas what could cause this. Im gonna take a closer look...
  8. F

    2005 Ford Explorer Loud Noise in 4x4 High

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and recently purchased a 2005 ford explorer. I am having several problems with the car. Problem number 1: Advance Trac warning light is on. System says Advance trac is offline. Problem number 2: Abs light is on. I have checked the fuses and...