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power antenna

  1. C

    Power Antenna Supply problem

    Hello, I'm Carlos Torres from Colombia and I have a Ford Explorer 1995 Eddie Bauer. I have a question about the Power antenna supply, because i saw in some forums that when the antenna fails the problem is the mast or the antenna motor. but i revised the mast and the motor, and are OK...
  2. M

    No Power to Power Antenna

    So after years of terrible radio reception, I finally removed my power antenna module and dug-out the broken plastic cable. However, when I turn my aftermarket stereo on, no power is going to the antenna. I think it may have been disconnected a long time ago. The blue wire from the head unit...
  3. CamDJClimited

    Explorer Power Antenna Question

    My power antenna goes up and down just fine, but my radio reception is terrible! I know I have the cable hooked up right at the headunit, but I can't figure it out. Someone mentioned that the ground could be bad, but where is the powered antenna grounded? And if anyone else has any other...