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power seats

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    Switch my 2016 Explorer 3rd Row Power Seats for Manual?

    Hi all! We recently had our 3rd row seats stop working, and instead of buying power seats again, we were hoping to cut the cost in half and get manual seats for the back. Does anyone know if this is an easy switch/install, or can even be done??
  2. J

    Replace driver seat horizontal motor or entire seat track?

    Some background then my question: I have a 2013 Explorer XLT with 6-way power driver seat. The horizontal (forward/back) adjustment stopped working while the seat tilt and vertical (up/down) adjustments still work fine. I see there are 3 individual motors under the driver seat controlling each...
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    Power Seats Wiring Diagram

    Hey, So my explorer has power seats that must have been installed by someone a while ago, and look very hastily put together. Currently, the connector isn't getting any power. They don't look like they were properly done, based off of the gauge of the wires used. Not sure what it is exactly...
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    2003 Ford Explorer Heated/Memory Seats Problem

    2003 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer, 4.0L V6, Automatic *Background Information:* - So I purchased this car used many months ago, and heated seats (both sides) have never worked. The light on the buttons and the heat do not come on. - The seat also has a lower seat cushion tilt and (I believe)...
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    Power seats 07 explorer no movement only clicking

    Hi All, I have an 07 explorer that I just love to death. It's given me a ton of problems but I still love it , but this latest problem has me questioning my sanity. I moved the seat forward to clean under it and it never worked again. I ordered a memory module from eBay that came in yesterday...
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    Cloth Power Seat Swap to Leather Heated power seat help

    I have a 1995 Ford Exploder XLT. It has both passenger and driver power seats. I want to swap the cloth power seats I have for leather heated power seats from the junk yard. Are their any wires that i would have to splice or run for the heated option? Im not sure how to go about this, i looked...
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    2003 xlt seat swap need help!!!

    Good afternoon everyone, I am in the middle of doing an overhaul of my 2003 xlt and was fortunate to get some mercury mountaineer seats from the same generation as mine. The thing is when I went to connect them the wires are completely different. The current seats in my xlt are as follows...
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    Need help finding a power seat to fit

    07 Explorer Eddie Bauer I have a power 10 way driver's seat but need a 10 way passenger seat. I am disabled and do a little driving locally but when we travel(8-10) I become the passenger because of a broken back. The manual seat functions are not adequate enough to get comfortable like I can...
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    Power seat advice.

    I have a problem with my 2001 Explorer Sport Trac power seat. The power seat actually works for a short time but stops after it has been used a little bit (move it forward and back once). It seems to be worse when the weather is hot. I have completely taken the seat out to make sure there...
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    94 Explorer XLT Leather Seats

    I have a 94 Explorer XLT with power leather seats. There also the ones with the thing where you can press a button and it inflates or deflates. The seats are pretty worn out and I want to try to find new ones. What years of Explorers can they come from?
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    2003 Eddie Bauer

    Drivers side power seat, auto lights, auto door locks, key fob controls and drivers side exterior button controls all not working. Any ideas?:us:
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    The wait is over! power seats in an XLS!!!!!!!!

    this will show you step by step how to install power seats into an XLS. Tools needed: 15mm deep socket electrical tape heat shrink butt connectors wire stripper/cutter and about 2 hours time, patience is key. DRIVERS SEAT! step one. find a good donor vehicle, if you and see the seat...