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power steering hose

  1. M

    power steering fluid leak 225,000 Miles

    I crawled underneath my car trying to find out why my car was vibrating after getting myself into a muddy ditch. I washed my all the mud off the rim and I solved the problem. when I crawled down there I found this. IMG_0066.jpg I just read this thread. badly leaking power steering fluid I am...
  2. Power Steering 6

    Power Steering 6

    Hoses Attached - F150 steering box to 1997 Ford Explorer PS Pump
  3. Power Steering 4

    Power Steering 4

    Pressure hose - custom #6 fitting added to stock 1997 Ford Explorer Hose
  4. Power Steering 3

    Power Steering 3

    Fragola Power Steering Adapter - 491955-BL (Black) #6x 1/2-20 by 5/16 Male Fitting attached
  5. Power Steering 2

    Power Steering 2

    Fragola Power Steering Adapter - 491955-BL (Black) #6x 1/2-20 by 5/16 Male
  6. Power Steering 1

    Power Steering 1

    Power Steering Hose made to go from Explorer PS Pump to F150 Steering Box
  7. G

    power steering pressure hose help and check valve?

    i just replaced my rack and pinion and now i cant seem to get the air outta the system, ive tried every way i know but it still vibrates the front tires when i turn the wheel. while rechecking all the connections i noticed some very slight seepage around the high pressure hose into the rack...
  8. K

    Replace power steering pressure hose 2002 Merc Mtn V8 4.6 without remove the pump?

    Hi, all, is it possible to 'easily' replace the power steering pressure hose without touch other parts, the radiator, pulley and ps pump? I don't have many tools to use, so a bit worried if I need to remove too many parts. I search everywhere to find the diagram/video for my 2002 Merc...