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power steering

  1. N

    Tips on replacing the steering rack.

    I recently replaced the power steering rack in my 2003 explorer sport Trac. I followed the steps in the shop manual but some things werent so obvious. 1. The steering shaft coupler bolt is reusable, it's a regular grade 10.9 bolt. 2. The rack mounting bushings won't let the rack slide through...
  2. C

    Check charging system fault

    Hey yall! I have a 2013 Explorer 3.5NA with 192,000 miles. Every morning when I start it up cold I get the check charging system indicator on the dash. Sometimes if I sit there in the driveway for a few minutes it will go away after working the wheel back and forth. Possibly just a coincidence...
  3. W

    PS leak help? Wheel Hub Question..

    I need help on Leaks and Noise please. - PS leaks at lines? - Leaks at Rack n Pinion? - Leaks at Axles? - Growl/Shuddering/Vibration at Any speed at steering wheel and floor board, bad wheel hub maybe?
  4. T

    power steering diagram

    anyone got the powersteering diagram - pump included? cant find a replacement video on any ford f150 or explorer betwwen 2005-2010 or a good video or diagram of the high pressure line.
  5. M

    how much power steering fluid should I buy when I flush the powering steering system

    How many quarts of Mercon V should I buy to flush my Power steering system?
  6. N

    1999 Ford Explorer problems - help? Fixed..not fixed..

    Ughhh. I know it's old but can't afford anything else right now. My 1999 ford explorer has gone from 1 thing to the next past 3 weeks. Can someone help so at least i know what I'm looking to do? Been ripped off too many times. First, it kept dying and random starting. I replaced the battery and...
  7. Power Steering 6

    Power Steering 6

    Hoses Attached - F150 steering box to 1997 Ford Explorer PS Pump
  8. Power Steering 4

    Power Steering 4

    Pressure hose - custom #6 fitting added to stock 1997 Ford Explorer Hose
  9. Power Steering 3

    Power Steering 3

    Fragola Power Steering Adapter - 491955-BL (Black) #6x 1/2-20 by 5/16 Male Fitting attached
  10. Power Steering 2

    Power Steering 2

    Fragola Power Steering Adapter - 491955-BL (Black) #6x 1/2-20 by 5/16 Male
  11. H

    A few issues: Power Steering, etc

    Hey y’all, I recently received a truck so I’ve decided to sell my 2000 Explorer. Before I sell it, I’d like to fix some glaring issues with it. First, I’m another victim of the dreaded power steering whining sound. I’m not sure if it could be remedied by merely replacing the pump or not. It...
  12. M

    Poured some windshield wiper fluid into the power steering fluid reservoir

    Help! :D I poured some windshield wiper fluid into the power steering fluid reservoir, then I started the engine. It's all pinkish and milky now. >.< I used a turkey baster to suck out all of the fluid inside of the reservoir. Then, I disconnected the lower cooler hose and let it drain...
  13. L

    Low or Zero Speed Shudder in Power Steering

    I have a 2002 Sport Track 4x4 with a V6 engine. Periodically, while maneuvering in parking lots or other low speed situations, I feel a shudder in the steering wheel, and a drop in engine speed. Does anyone know what's failing here? Thanks, Lonnie
  14. E

    Power Steering Noise

    2017 Explorer Sport, 4 months old with 11,000kms (6,600miles). Lately, I've noticed a bit of noise from what I presume is the power steering system. I hear a bit of noise while stopped or at low speed and turning the steering wheel. I haven't noticed this before and is this normal or should I...
  15. G

    2008 XLT power steering issues

    Hello everyone- I have a problem I am hoping you can help with. My 2008 2wd 4.0l XLT is having a strange power steering issue. When I start the truck and back out of my driveway it feels like I have no power steering. Within about ten seconds of putting the truck in reverse the "check charging...
  16. M

    Power steering suddenly turns a lot

    Okay... this is hard to explain, but here goes: This is most noticeable when I am parking in a spot... Say I am turning the steering wheel to the RIGHT to make a 90 degree turn and pull into a parking spot... at a certain point, the steering wheel gets tighter and sort of "turns itself" the...
  17. M

    Swaying on the highway!

    Recently replaced my PS Gearbox because there was play in the gearbox and also it was leaking from the gearbox and I was tired of refilling my PS fluid. 2 questions resulted from this... 1. After replacing, the steering wheel is slightly cocked to the left now. How is this possible? There is...
  18. J

    Leaking Power Steering

    Hello All, I have a 2003 4.6L Explorer and I have a power steering leak. I am pretty sure it is coming from a hose and I think this is the exact replacement I need from Advance Auto...
  19. M

    Quick question about stalling!

    I can do things to make my car stall at demand! For example, if I turn on the engine, switch into gear, and then press on the knob to deactivate AC (with climate control all the way on HOT), the car will stall almost always. I also noticed it stalled a few times pressing on the brakes...
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    PS Pressure Line Leak!

    Hey guys! My stock PS Pressure Line was spraying fluid all over the place... so naturally, I got a new one and replaced it. The new one has been working fine for about a week now... but it just developed another leak! Luckily, this leak isn't from a tear in the rubber hose... it's actually...
  21. M

    pulling issue

    Idk What's wrong now, when I turn left around corners it wants to turn right and vis a versa, pulls alittle going straight down road....wth could it be? Bearings seem good, just started happening...
  22. S

    Power steering problems 2003 Explorer

    I recently bought this 2003 explorer XLT 4x4 with the V8 4.6L. I thought the steering was a little stiff. Driving to work this morning I lost the power steering. When I am driving it is fine but when I am turning from a stop it will not work. If I am parked and give it some gas it will work...
  23. D

    power steering

    The high pressure hose went out. I haven't replaced it yet but now it doesn't make the whining noise any more and the steering is hard. Will this effect the steering gear box soon or no? Oh yeah, 1996 ranger with a 4 banger.
  24. J

    Help car keeps dying when turning

    Hello,first off I did search, nothing that is similar to my situation. When turning sharply the engine acts like it is going to stall. I recently changed my power sterring pump (which continued to wine). after which I noticed my rpms were high about 1100-1000. I did the test for a high idle...
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    Baffled at the power steering

    Ok Im a little baffled at the power steering issue I have going on. I own a 04 Explorer EB 4.0 V6. About 2 weeks ago I noticed its feels like the power steering is starting to go out. If I turn the wheel slightly to the left or right it almost feels like its starting to whine/squeal but it still...