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    2021 XLT 4WD - 12V Power Access for Ham Radio

    Hello folks, I recently got a 21 Explorer. In my last car, (2010 Mazda) I had a couple of Ham radios installed. Just need 12V and coax line ran to the antenna. Easily located a spot to run power straight from the battery through the firewall on the last car. Had it all tucked away and tidy...
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    So I have a 2014 Ford Explorer, and after I turn the car on I notice there are no lights on the computer systems in the car (the speed gauge display, the gas display, all those are blacked out with no illumination whatsoever. My vehicle has the Ford Sync Ver. 2 and none of the lights are on...
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    Side mirrors not moving when parking

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2014 Ford Explorer XLT. The other day I clipped a mailbox and the mirror and cap popped off. It was an easy fix and the mirrors seem to be working fine, for the most part. They power adjust when I am doing it with the buttons on the driver side door. However, since the...
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    lack of power - fuel pump going bad?

    I am stumped. I have an 05 explorer xlt, 4.0 SOHC V6 with 191K miles. With about 8K in repairs In the past 6 months I have replaced, the front wheel hub assemblies, rear tie rods, upper and lower ball joints, TRANSMISSION, replaced the fuel filter, oil change/air filter, had the throttle body...
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    OBD Codes 124,157,158,172,176,177,186,543

    Hi Friends, I'm brand new to this forum and to doing any significant maintenance myself. Please forgive my ignorance if it jumps up in the middle of a nice dinner and parades around the room yelling obscenities. I started having power issues driving old faithful across the west. Occasionally I...
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    That catalytic game, 02 4.6 limited.

    2002 Explorer 4.6, if read tons of stuff about exhaust for them but I haven' found a real answer on something. If you were to remove the cats, replace them with straight pipe then installing the o2 sensor in the same relative spot would the system work with no CEL? And with that being said...
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    Window and door lock problems!!

    I recently bought a 1996 Ford Explorer and my 2 front windows won't go up or down. If I use the window switches they make noise like they're trying to work but they just won't move up or down. The other problem I have is only the driver side door lock wont go up or down when I lock or unlock...
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    Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat

    For Sale Tan Leather seats out of a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 10 way drivers seat. Good condition, front and rear seats. Will ship on your dime. $400
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    03' Explorer seems hard to steer

    Hi all, Truck is a 2003 Explorer XLT 4.0 AWD I've been having some strange steering issues since about the middle of this year. Haven't had a lot of cash so haven't been able to do anything yet. It still drives well but to me the steering just feels super tight. I've driven our neighbors...
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    PS Pump leaks all fluid HELP

    I recently had my power steering go out on my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited Edition 5.0 It all a sudden stopped working and I can see where the leak is coming from. Can I just replace the one line that is leaking or do I need a whole new pump. Also will it hurt the vehicle to drive it w/o PS...
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    Stock driveline max rated hp for the 5.0?

    I've got a 1999 limited edition explorer with the 5.0l v8 and I was wondering how many horsepowers the stock driveline can handle without dying. (any suggestions on what kind of mods to do to keep it 4wd and to not blow up with the extra power would be appreciated)
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    Power Liftgate Issues

    This is crazy. Just purchased a 2014 Explorer XLT pretty much loaded. Had dealership activate remote start for us as part of deal, and of course order new keys. First set of keys were 4 button with remote start, but they forgot about our power liftgate on the original remotes, so they ordered 5...
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    Window Issues....

    So my 94 Ex is having some window issues. The passenger front window will not roll up or down directly. I have to go down a bit, then tap up, then down a bit, and so on. And do the exact opposite when rolling it up.I notice the window tilts as it gets stuck, then when I bump the switch in the...
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    Power Steering Gone

    Hi all, I was helping someone learn how to drive today and I guess they turned the wheel to lock and held it there for too long. Now when I turn the wheel, the wheel shakes (not the car), there is a noticeable whining and surging noise only when steering, and there is also power steering fluid...
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    To Build or buy?

    I have a 1998 XLT with 208K. Leaking oil from timing chain cover and rear main seal. Has been a great truck for us and still running strong. Since you guys have been great in the past I thought I would try again. I have built many SBC's in the past, but never a SBF. Not afraid of doing it...
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    Windows stopped working

    In advance, thank you for any and all help and advice. Saturday, my power windows stopped working. I stopped by an advance auto parts to pick up a new fuse...Checked them both, they are fine. Both relays are also good. I took the door latch panel off and the cover to window switches, had...
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    Please read!!! Power Issues - Dash lights

    Hi there. The other day i was driving to work and my entire instrument panel blacked out for roughly two seconds, and rebooted - burying the tach/speedo etc before finding the correct speed and revs. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but it was minus 28C at the time. The next day...
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    Power Steering Flush

    Hey guys, When is the last time you even checked your power steering fluid? This is my newest video that will show you how to flush your power steering fluid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0fiZCHz5ew Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs...
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    Power Seat repair or conversion

    I have been attempting to repair my power seats in my 2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. I am really stuck on this and am asking for help. My wife and teenage daughter need to share the car, but the driver's power seat is jammed. The motor so far seems OK - but the seat moves very slowly, and...
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    Help car keeps dying when turning

    Hello,first off I did search, nothing that is similar to my situation. When turning sharply the engine acts like it is going to stall. I recently changed my power sterring pump (which continued to wine). after which I noticed my rpms were high about 1100-1000. I did the test for a high idle...
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    Total loss of electrical power (except locks)

    I just bought a 2003 Explorer. 106k, no rust and a rebuilt tranny. Now for the problem, it has no electrical power but locks. No headlights, interior lights or anything else, just locks. I put a new, fully charged battery in and tried. Nothing. Just locks. Can't even get it out of park, without...
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    Total loss of electrical power

    I just bought a 2003 Explorer. 106k, no rust and a rebuilt tranny. Now for the problem, it has no electrical power but locks. No headlights, interior lights or anything else, just locks. I put a new, fully charged battery in and tried. Nothing. Just locks. Can't even get it out of park, without...
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    12V Power Outlet Not Working

    The 12V power outlet located in the radio bezel of my 2002 Ranger XLT has quit working. I have replaced the in-dash unit and checked all the fuses I can find. No luck. Any ideas?
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    Is the Explorer better?

    Proud Owner of an 1999 EB Ex. with the V8, almost 200k miles on it. I consider myself a fan of the Ford Motor. And obviously of the great Explorer. In past times I have run vs other trucks ( 2001 Jeep Cherokee, 2012 Jeep Wragler, 2007 Toyota Tacoma) with mine and I think that is almost obvious...
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    Brake Lights barely visible - without engaging brake pedal?

    Please check out my video I just posted. I just noticed it tonight and the LED's have been in the truck since Saturday. Although the Duralast Gold 850CCA battery has been out sitting on the trickle charger as I was working on other items like this and that. So that could explain why I never...