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  1. J

    Grille Paint & Prep

    Thinking of painting my grille... It's the standard chrome surround which is holding up fine, but a medium silver middle which has worn away to show the cream plastic color. Has anyone tried Krylon Fusion Textured for plastics on this? I already have a black can of it sitting around, though...
  2. Nick Sander

    Nick Sander

    Similar to a felt-tip pen, its business end is a bundle of glass fibers that are just hard enough to be used as an abrasive on paint, and lightly on metal. In fact, the fibers' softness creates a self-regulating effect. When the roughness is gone and the nicked area smooth, force is distributed...
  3. Prep Pen

    Prep Pen

    Save time and money by replacing folded sandpaper with PrepPen. Scuff, sand, degloss, clean. Faster, easier and saves money. Won't scratch glass or chrome. Reach where sandpaper can't. Also great for removing rust from paint chips or tight spots. Cleans electrical connectors too...