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  1. 2

    Strange Oil Gauge Issue

    My oil gauge is going crazy lately when I accelerate and moves a bit at idle. This has happened before because my original oil switch broke. But after replacing it the problem went away. That was a few years ago. This time my oil gauge is going crazy but only when my battery gauge is low...
  2. B

    Pressure? Temperature? Which one?

    2000 Explorer XLT 2WD 4.0L SOHC JOB1 5-Speed Automatic 5R55E. Can someone confirm the following? Thanks. The EGR system uses a EGR Pressure Sensor... not a EGR Temperature Sensor, right?
  3. M

    Oil Pressure Gauge Sagging?

    Hey nice folks, Thanks for the plethora of information I've already found using the search function. Over 20 years of fandom sure does add up. I wasn't able to find anything that mimics my current symptoms though. I have a 1992 (original motor, 196k miles), and earlier in 2018, the oil...
  4. B

    2004 Explorer - Crank, No Start Fuel Pump Only Getting 9.5 volts

    Hi all, first time posting. I have a 2004 explorer 4.0. Just recently it was idling (warming up as i went inside) came back out and the vehicle was off. I tried starting it and it just cranks but doesnt start. nailed it down to a fuel issue. the fuel pump is not turning on. I first jumped the...
  5. 2

    Best way to relieve fuel line pressure?

    I’m going to attempt to change the fuel filter on my 2000 OHV and was wondering how to depressurize the fuel line. I’ve read that unplugging the inertia switch and then cranking the engine until the fuel runs out, is the best way. I’ve also read that removing the fuel pump fuse and then cranking...
  6. bronchole

    2005 Mounty 4.0 persistant P0193 code

    The car: 2005 2WD 4.0 automatic with about 110K miles on it. The symptoms: Check Engine light comes back on within 20-40 miles of being reset P0193 code (fuel pressure sensor high) Poor gas millage, around 12 MPG (was about 18 MPG a year ago) Occasionally runs slightly rough, mainly at idle We...
  7. 1

    A/c compressor running but not cycling on and off

    For the past couple months, I've noticed my a/c compressor has NOT been cycling on and off. I drive a 1991 Explorer with a system I replaced and retrofitted several years ago. I cannot remember in the past if it ever did cycle on and off or if it ran all the time. According to my gauges it's at...
  8. B

    1993 4.0 overheating

    Hello, new to the thread. And very sorry if this has been posted before. I also am having trouble finding info on the web. Doesnt help that im bad with technology haha. I have a bone stock 1993 explorer sport. New water pump. New thermostat. New radiator. Changed the spark plugs and although old...
  9. B

    TPMS & RKE not working properly --- bad SJB?

    2008 Explorer -- V8 engine, 4WD Out of the blue I got a TPMS warning yesterday with a B2872 in the SJB. I looked at all the tire pressures with a manual gauge and with the code scanner and they're fine. The tool shows that a discrepancy between the SJB and two of the tire pressure sensors...
  10. K

    Question about possible fuel pressure issue.

    Hello all! To start out, my 2002 XLT's fuel gauge had not worked for years. And occasionally it would have some trouble starting. It would try to turn over but would not start until after about three tries. But that was rare. So I changed the fuel pump and sending unit. My gas gauge...
  11. R

    New Wheels and Low Tire Pressure?

    Hi so I'm assuming nig that after I put on my new wheels that the new ones done have sensors in them like stock. This doesn't bother me. However, my dash keeps displaying the "Low Tire Pressure" warning light that I'd really like to get rid of so I can keep it as clean as possible. Does anyone...
  12. R

    Fuel Pressure Low Before Start - Runs Fine

    Hello, My 1992 Eddie Bauer Explorer has just begun to stumble when I am trying to start it, but only when it has sat for a few hours. I tested the fuel pressure: with the ignition on (and the fuel pump running) the fuel pressure is 10PSI. When I get it running (after one or perhaps two...
  13. Z

    Bouncing oil pressure and drop at higher rpms

    alright i just experienced this tonight while i was at work and in I dire need of some help!!! i was driving along at about 20 mph and i saw my gauge light come on and the oil pressure gauge was bouncing from normal to nothing, so i turned back around and let it set...later i went back...
  14. W

    Engine stalled: "Low oil pressure"

    Greetings everyone, Just took delivery of a 2013 Explorer Limited Tuxedo Black with 302A and dual moonroofs last week. It's is indeed such a fantastic car. Stil can't get enough of playing with all the features. I'm from the Philippines and you guys won't imagine how difficult it is to get...
  15. G

    Tire Pressure Monitor Problem

    My 2007 Explorer is having a problem with its tire pressure monitor system. I had aftermarket chrome wheels put on my Explorer years ago, and it has been awhile but I believe at the time the tire pressure monitors were transferred from my factory wheels to the chrome wheels - was this possible...
  16. P

    08 LTD dumb question. Correct tire pressure

    Yeah I know. Dumb question. 2008 LTD 4.6 with 70k miles. Bought it with 60k. Tires are BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A. Dealer says leave pressure at 27 PSI cold (they set it there). Tires are at 27 psi cold. Fronts "look" a bit low. Tires say Max 44. Door jamb says 32. Manual...
  17. 1

    fuel issue? HELP!!

    i have a 1991 explorer eb 180,00 miles. ive had it for a year and it has always started alittle hard but ALWAYS started on the first try. recently i went to start it and it just turned over and turned over for about 10 or 15 seconds, then would start. so i kept driving it like that, then...
  18. A

    engine problem, no noise, just no acceleration, tranny issue also

    My 1996 Ford Explorer engine decided to act like a prom queen asked to undress on a float -- it just stopped running well about 1500 miles when pulling a trailer slowed to about 20 mph, and without trailer about 35 mph on straightaway -- neither engine nor motor race, smell a lot of gas It is...
  19. S

    Troubleshooting acceleration/hp/mileage issue

    So I've searched the threads on here for days and decided to break down and start a new one to answer my problems. First I will list my symptoms with my '99 Ex Sport, OHV. ~150k miles 1. Terrible mileage, about 13 mpg 2. Starting takes a hair longer after she sits for a couple days than when I...
  20. J

    wheres oil pressure guage sender unit located

    Hello I'm new here. I've looked around the site some but havent found exactly what I need. I have a 95 ford explorer 4x4 xlt. Recently the oil pressure guage has been jumping to high for a minute or two then dropping back to normal. From what I have read on here it sounds like the sender unit...
  21. Install an O ring before you install the pressure switch.

    Install an O ring before you install the pressure switch.

  22. 36494 low pressure cycling switch.

    36494 low pressure cycling switch.

    This is for a 1995 Aerostar.
  23. ragajungle

    Permacool filter kit BAD for 5r55e?

    So I got "Lemon" [tee hee hee - that's the new name for my ex] back from the the shop - er actually am leaving to go pick her up in a minute from having my new-ish 5r55e trans put in and earlier this week I dropped off a hi-flo perma cool remote filter kit. Well he said that he wouldn't use...
  24. K

    2002 Ranger A/C won't run.

    Hey guys, anybody seen this scenerio? Pressure is running high (100 or so) but it won't engage the compressor. 3 people have tried to jump it and it will not jump, however every once in a while it will engage just for a few seconds on its own without jumping just to tease me. When it does...
  25. The pressure is still rising, but is stabilizing.

    The pressure is still rising, but is stabilizing.