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  1. J

    Amazon Link Prices Off

    EDIT: The below issue seems to have resolved itself, right after I made this post, the correct price started showing up. 2ND EDIT: Now the price is wrong again and back to showing $11.17, in both Firefox and latest Chrome browsers, while still $12.43 on Amazon...
  2. ParkM

    2020 Aviator Reserve 1 Crystal Copper Ordered

    After a year of looking and going blind reading, I've settled in on the Aviator. For most of that year I've been in love with the Explorer Platinum but Lincoln won me in the end. My configuration was: RWD, Sandstone interior, Elements Plus, standard wheels and Luxury Package. Build and...
  3. E

    Going for show. I need help on a low budget.

    I own a '95 Eddie Bauer that I intend on lifting and would like to sit on 35s, I assume I'll have to settle with 33s considering the height I'm going for (aprox 3''-5'') which is fine, but it all depends on the price/work involved to get there, 35'' tires w/ no rub would be my goal... but I will...
  4. F

    Thinking about getting a lift..

    Hey guys new to the site, just bought a 1998 eddie bauer from one of my dads friends, pretty good condition got a great price, had a little cash left over and was really thinking about getting a lift on it and some tires. Just wondering if i should get a body or suspension lift, i would be...