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pro comp

  1. N

    Aftermarket wheel reliability

    I had some issues in the past with some pro comp wheels on my 2003 cracking around the lugs after being torqued to the factory spec of 100 ft lbs. I called them and talked to tech support, they stated 70-80 ft lbs maximum. Has anyone else had issues with aftermarket cast wheels on these not...
  2. R

    ProComp shocks

    im looking for aftermarket shocks for my 07 ST. There are a few no-name brands I've found that I won't use; I only stick with the big companies when it comes to shocks. I'm not a fan of Rancho. But I found these from ProComp...
  3. LONO100

    finally threw the black wheels on the ST (pics)

    so i finally was able to throw the black wheel set+tires that i was able to buy for 200 total. it was a smash deal for 200, they are black 15's on pro comp mud terrains that are virtually brand new. i dont do the hardcore 4 wheeling stuff, but i did need some tires with aggressive tread for when...
  4. LONO100

    finally got some black wheels! (pics anybody run pro comp mud tires?

    i finally got some much desired black wheels with mud tires on them for my ST. i got a set of 4 wheels plus pro comp mud tires (30''s) for 200 bucks. the tread on the tires is ajust about 90%, the only thing is that one of the tires may need to be replaced if i cant plug it. was this a good...
  5. C

    Pro Comp 3" spindles needed for 1996 ford explorer 2wd

    I have had the Pro comp 3" spindle lift system since 2001, since then they have discontinued it and i have just shattered one of my spindles. I am trying to find a replacement set for my Exploder...please email me if you have any or know where i can get some.