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    Program 3rd IAK

    2012 Limited Ford Explorer with push-start, 2 currently working programmed IAK (intelligent access key) and 1 new un-programmed IAK. Trying to access Program Mode via Owners Manual and not having any luck at all. I have tried 3 different types of procedures, but nadda. :confused: Owners...
  2. R

    Cant get in to program mode for the key fob

    Hello guys, First my excuses for my poor englisch, i am from the netherlands/ Amsterdam My name is Robert and im drivin a 2004 explorer . Love the car. From now on only american cars for me . I have one problem at this moment. I cant get in to the programming mode for the key fob. I...
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    Does a 1995 Explorer ECU have to be programmed?

    I'm replacing the ECU in my '95. At the last minute I saw a clause in the sales slip that said that the seller was not responsible for programming ECUs. I called the guy's attention to that, and he said that applies to newer ECUs, but my '95 won't have to be programmed. Is he correct?
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    Car2U - Great Customer Service Experience

    This is my first time posting to a forum but I couldn't hold back. I just had a great customer service experience with the makers of the Car2U garage door opener. I was unable to program my daughter's garage door opener to my new Ex. The opener is made by Allstar and it doesn't have a learn...