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programming keyless remote.

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    Program 3rd IAK

    2012 Limited Ford Explorer with push-start, 2 currently working programmed IAK (intelligent access key) and 1 new un-programmed IAK. Trying to access Program Mode via Owners Manual and not having any luck at all. I have tried 3 different types of procedures, but nadda. :confused: Owners...
  2. R

    Where is the programming plug to program my new key fobs?

    Ok I bought a new key fob for my '94 Explorer, 4-door, 4x4, and cannot for the life of me find the programming plug that is supposed to be behind the left rear quarter panel (with the jack and so forth). Am I getting warm or off in the weeds?
  3. G

    Wanted to say hello

    First of all hello ford nation, I'm Ryan not exactly new to the site, but new to the forums. I've used this site many of times in reference to working on my beloved, but needy explorer. Now I've miss placed my owner manuel and happen to be in some need of assistance. After finally rewiring my...