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  1. D

    Introducing myself and my pups - Also seats for sale!!!

    Hi All! Just purchased a used 2017 Explorer Limited. I'm a travel nurse who is relatively handy, love my Golden Retriever and Black Lab Mix pups and the outdoors. Currently I'm in the Boston area, but getting ready to move again for work and will be taking the Explorer on its first of surely...
  2. D

    Excited to be here.

    I've had a 2003 ford explorer for about 2years now. learned to drive in it. Planning on getting it off road ready for when I head off to college later this year. It has tires that seem pretty small, so looking to change that first. Any tips on tire sizes that would fit on a stock suspention that...
  3. D

    I love my 94' Explorer [Hello from Bulgaria]

    Hi. My name is Dennis and I am from Bulgaria , its a small country somewhere in Europe. I really love my Explorer 94' which is a gift from my dad for my graduating but I do have some questions , and I would be really thankful if you can guys help me. So I really hate these radius arm bars , so...
  4. Spudhut

    1997 Ford Explorer - V8 - 5.0 - AWD

    Hello Explorer Fans. I have been on the forums for some time and have extensively read many threads. I have enjoyed the forums so far. Now I have a question of opinion for you all. I currently own 97' V6 SOHC Sport and I love it. I was going to SAS it, but Id rather do it to a V8...
  5. E

    My "Modified" Stock 97 Explorer

    Hi there, I just though I'd take a minute to share what I've done to my 97 Explorer, while keeping a relatively stock appearance. First, I decided to replace the stock dash lights with LEDs. Many of them were burnt out, and I was getting tired of the green hue. By putting in...
  6. B

    My 2004 Explorer Project

    Hey Guys...I am a new member to the forum only picked this truck up 2-3 months ago So i just wanted to share my progress on it as i go...I am only a 17 year old kid so kind of a budget build here have done some work just need to get some pictures and ill post them some things that were...
  7. C

    custom 94 explorer

    Hey guys, this is my 94 XLT that ive had for almost a year now. This is a truck that has been in my family since it was new and has only 83,000 on it and is still bone stock. this is my list of eventual mods Ild like to do and im interested to hear your thoughts. already completed: -sony...
  8. A

    My Bronco II project.

    This here, is my 1986 Bronco II Eddie Bauer. Started off green and tan, but I repainted it the other day to be tan with bed lined trim. Here is my workload for this: -New tail gate. Has a crack in the gate from the tire rack. -Rebuild the 2.9 V6. It runs fine, but its old. -When the engine...
  9. 2

    4WD Parts?

    I'm looking to convert my 2WD OHV to 4WD, yeah I know how much easier it is to just buy a 4x4 X instead of going through this process but I really love my truck and I have the money right now to do this. As far as I know I'll need a transfer case, front and rear drive shafts, front diff to match...
  10. 9

    what would happen if you cut springs on a 4wd..?

    I have a 92 4wd ex and i dont have alot of money and idc about ride quality because its not a daily driver just my project im putting blocks on the clack and i want like a 4 maybe 5 inch drop. So i was trying to find out what would happen if i just cut my coil springs? PLEASE HELP !
  11. D

    Hi, I've just recently began to appreciate Ford Rangers.

    I'm David, 20 years old, and am about to graduate college. I've just recently realized that I like the idea of modifying and customizing vehicles. I am not familiar with basic mechanics. I do however have sufficient interest. My parents were gracious enough to buy me a 2007 Ranger 2WD 4 cyl. as...
  12. D

    BATMAN Explorer

    This is my project. I am a female college student athlete aged 19. I got my truck when I was 15 and had big dreams lol, now they're finally coming true. Check by from time to time, comment and give your opinion on what I'm doing. SO FAR: 22" chrome star rims Chrome billet grille Z(upper...
  13. Project Ford 9"

    Project Ford 9"

    Almost there!
  14. Project Ford 9"

    Project Ford 9"

  15. Project Ford 9"

    Project Ford 9"

  16. Project_9_0091


  17. 9" Project

    9" Project

  18. 9" Project

    9" Project

  19. 9" Project

    9" Project

  20. 9" project

    9" project

  21. 9" project

    9" project

  22. 9" project

    9" project

  23. 9" project

    9" project

  24. 9" project

    9" project

  25. 9" project

    9" project