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  1. C

    PTU on a 2010?

    I changed the front and rear diff fluid last night (fun, had to pump it out and back in on the front), and I saw a video about the Power Transfer Units on AWD fords crapping out because on some models they're surrounded by the transmission and catalytic converter and it cooks the "lifetime"...
  2. P

    Plenty of issues 2013 limited

    first of all, i would like to apologize for not capitalizing anything as my shift key is broken. i have a 2013 explorer limited that i purchased two years ago with 120,000 on it. i had the common propane smell and jerking during acceleration and the dealer replaced the leaking ptu free of...
  3. N

    First post - let's talk PTU

    Guys, need some help here. Bought a 2015 3.5L Sport and the PTU is leaking a little. So, off to search for info on what to do. I live in The Netherlands so no Ford dealership to be found who has seen an Explorer in the first place, no help at all. So one question remains, what revision PTU to...
  4. J

    PTU / Transmission

    11 explorer limited 4WD. Have recently experienced what I think is transmission slippage/shutter at highway speeds when accelerating to pass a vehicle. Description of a hesitation and lunge 3 or 4 times before kicking in to pass, not really a Jenking action. Then last night at a steady 55 mph...
  5. V

    Flushing PTU with seafoam/Diesle?

    So does anybody have any experience getting the PTU squeeky clean with flushing it? or if any one has any input on if flushing a ptu would do more harm than good that would be helpful. I have already drained and filled the ptu 3 times but put a camera up there and i see a lot of sludge. should...
  6. M

    2016 Explorer XLT PTU *PICS*

    Just purchased a used 2016 Explorer XLT with 40k. I was advised to drain/fill my PTU. To my surprise I found no fluid at all escape out of the fill hole. I filled with AMSOIL severe gear 75-140. Anyone out there experienced the same low fluid level, and how do I know if any damage has occurred...
  7. P

    PTU Leak/Safety Issue

    Okay, so this needs to be put out in the open and something needs to be done. I am getting the run around from Ford, and they're "unaware" of any problems. We all know that the PTU seal on multiple Ford models from the last decade are faulty and can cause a potential safety issue. Yes, I'm a...
  8. G

    2015 sport w 115K, waterpump ???

    I'm looking at this 2015 Sport model. It's in REALLY nice shape, 1 owner, well taken care of. It does have 115K on it. In all my research I really found only 2 things that could go wrong (well, more likely to go wrong) on these. Wondering if you could share your opinions on it; 1. The PTU unit...
  9. G

    2015 Sport - PTU problems

    I took my Explorer in about 1 year ago with a noise underneath when in reverse. Dealership determined PTU issue and fixed. It was still under warranty/ess than 60k. This past week, the vehicle started the same noise, again (now at 89K). Plus, a really bad odor and leaking a fluid (which I forgot...
  10. L

    Explorer PTU - Oil Analysis

    I was certain the metals would come back really high. Very surprised of the results here. If Blackstone is saying to take the change out to 25,000 miles, it still flies in the face of Ford saying this is a lifetime fluid. Someone one cleverer than I surmised that Lifetime meant 36,001 miles. I...
  11. L

    How to: PTU Oil Change (Tons of Pics) 2016 Explorer Sport

    I Decided to tackle the PTU change on my 2016 XSport. My truck has 16,521 miles today. Got motivated around 9:30pm to do the job. Its now 2am as I type this. I went very slow and was deliberate about everything. Had several resets on the PTU vent hose routing. Tightening the hose clamp was a bit...
  12. G

    Ford Explorer Sport Fluids- Converting To Fully Synthetic

    So far I have called 4 dealerships with widely varying answers regarding fluids in my 2013 XSport. Maybe some of you can chime in (minus the pasive-aggressive "search is your friend" and "it's been covered in another thread" and "read your owners manual cover to cover, multiple times"). Let us...
  13. G

    PTU Fluid

    Hi all. I want to run full synthetic in my 2013 XSport. Does anyone have any knowledge on the types of fluids I will need? 1) PTU Fluid? What kind? 2) Oil? What kind and viscosity? 3) Any other fluids I cqan change to synthetic? I'm in Atlanta where temps reach a humid 100 degrees in...
  14. GeoMimi89

    PTU Problems

    I only have 2800 miles on the Ex. Found an oil spot on the ground in the garage and took it in. Ford said its a PTU seal leak. It's about a two to three hour job. They got the part for me in one day, taking it in next week! Has anyone had a PTU seal leak yet?