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  1. T

    14 Sport Newbie to Fourm

    I bought a used 14’ Sport fully loaded in January with 86k. Love the power of my car, I added a K&N cai and Diablo Sport programmer. I love how people don’t expect them to be fast vehicles. I have had her in the shop about 8 times now due to air bag lights(rear seatbelt) a/c issues, suspension...
  2. T

    1993 Ex XLT Pulling to the Right

    What it do everyone, I've been having some issues with my truck's front end and I'm not sure if I'm capable enough to pinpoint exactly what I need to fix. My 93 Ex has been pulling to the right resulting in having to hold the steering wheel to the right about like 10-15 degrees off-center just...
  3. M

    2002 Explorer idles high when slowing down

    Hey, I have a 2002 Explorer 4.6L and I recently changed the IAC valve because when the car was cold it would not stay on. Changing the IAC did fix the issue of it not staying on when it was cold but now I find it pulls hard as I slow down to stop and once I am about to stop the rpm's drop and it...
  4. M

    Safe to pull my Jeep with my Explorer?

    I have a '99 Explorer 4x4 with the 4.0 liter that my wife bought new. It's always been well maintained and taken care of and has always been there when we needed it. Last year I installed a Class III Curt hitch rated as follows: Gross Trailer Wt. = 4,000 Lbs. / Max Tongue Wt. = 400 Lbs. Wt...
  5. Z

    my rear end

    first off hahahaha you're looking at my rear end! OK I'm new to the forum. I'd take my time to do the intro thing but I'm in between classes here at the college and had a question about the diff on my 03. Now I've def done my research on the whole whinning issue our trucks have and took it...
  6. D

    HELP! Explorer Jerking hard right.

    So this problem is completely intermittent. Doesnt happen often and it hasnt happened in a few months, but now its starting again. While im driving down the highway the wheel will start to jerk slightly to the right, jerking harder and harder until its difficult to drive in a straight line. Last...
  7. B

    1999 Ranger pulls to the right when I step on the brakes.

    hey, i got a 1999 4.0 V6 Ranger that pulls to the right every time i apply the brakes. I'm not quick sure what could be the cause of this. I've been told that it could be a bad tire (which i do have and is being replaced) but i find this not realistic. I'm guessing it has to do with the brakes...
  8. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    He's in there pretty good!
  9. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    This is what happens in 4 wheel low trying to pull out a stuck truck- took a pic before i backed outta my ruts.
  10. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    I started digging in w/all 4's so Ed hooked up to me and made our train work better
  11. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    Trying some more power
  12. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    choo chooooooo
  13. Oct 26 Lebenon

    Oct 26 Lebenon

    Yanking him backwards
  14. Comealong Head-on

    Comealong Head-on

    Head-on shot of the comealong job we pulled to get some traction. Yanked it about 3 ft before we got enough room to pull out in reverse.