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push bar

  1. T

    Mall Crawler to Trail Crawler

    Mall Crawler to Trail Crawler Hey all! I have a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport. So far I've put in a 3" lift, reflex shocks, 18" steel rims, and threw some nitto ridge grapplers on it. She handles great on the trails but I want to add some more cosmetic parts for lighting and styling. The first thing...
  2. Z

    Setina PB 400 Push Bar installation help 2012 Explorer

    Hello all, this is both my introduction post as well as my first post. I was wondering if someone could help shed some light on an issue I ran into while attempting to install the Setina PB 400 on my 2012 Ford Explorer Limited. I was able to get all the brackets on no problem. Did a test mount...
  3. 1

    Exploring for explorer accessories...

    Hey everyone, I just have a few questions about stuff that I want but I can’t find anywhere. So here’s a few of the things I’m looking for for my first gen: Tail light guards (the kind that are welded metal not plastic) a push bar, and a cab visor. I put pictures below of what I’m talking about...
  4. T


    Looking to buy a used brush guard with brackets to save $ anyone on the east coast selling any? My plan is to cut the guard off flush. (like a push bar) Unless someone knows where to get a push bar for 2nd gen sport tracs but i couldn't find anything used
  5. T

    Setina Push Bar with Strobes

    I am selling the Setina push bar I had installed on my 2011 Explorer. I salvaged it before the insurance company wrote off the vehicle after rats ate out the airbags. The push bar does not have the mounts that were around the steel bumper backing. It does have the Setina installed Whelan strobe...
  6. B

    Proud new 1st Gen owner ... New to Forum

    Hi everybody.... new to this sort of thing, having recently purchased a super clean 94 Explorer XLT with only 47,000 miles.. I've become quite a Ford fanatic! Never owned a truck I was so enamoured with!!! She's sweet! Will be posting pics and such soon as I figure everything out on the forum...
  7. Indispensable Explorer

    Bull/Push Bar thoughts? Suggestions?

    So, running for more than an hour each week down a small, unlit, truck route has taught me that the lights on my beloved Explorer are pathetic. I don't have too much faith in the "upgraded" halogens or the aftermarket LED upgrades(too many bad stories). After some thoughts I landed on the idea...
  8. P

    I know someone's probably already asked about a push bar...

    ...But here I am asking again! I have a 2 door 4WD 98 explorer, and I want to customize it! I'll be honest, I've been a car owner for a couple months, and I know next to nothing about working on them except how to make sure it's got oil and good wipers and good tire pressure and I managed to...
  9. E

    Ford explorer Go rhino push bar

    Brand new and never used go rhino push bar up for sale, willing to take 225.00 for it, plus the shipping. It will fit a 2002-2005 gen ford explorer, not the sport trac. Any questions or comments, pm me
  10. E

    Go Rhino Crash bar anyone?

    I have a brand new, good condition crash bar for the 3rd gen explorer, seeking 300 dollars/ or willing to negotiate. This will go fast! Any takers? I do have pictures if interested
  11. A

    Push Bar for Explorer

    After driving the lifted 250 for 8 years I forgot how nice it was to drive a vehicle that didn't friggen punish you. So far I only have: Tint on front two Setina push bar Weather Tech mats Shark fin antenna
  12. N

    Bull Bar / Brush Guard / Push Bar for 96 Explorer

    I have been searching for a bull bar my 1996 Ford Explorer Limited for the past few days now, and have been striking out left and right. I've talked to people at Summit Racing, I've searched JC Whitney, Warn, ok4wd, and the list just goes on. I can't find anything. I'm really looking for a...