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  1. B

    Quality trailer hitches

    I found a few trailer hitches on AutoAnything but, I want to know which manufacturer produces the best quality products. If anyone has any experience with Reese, Curt, or Hidden Hitch I would like to hear how they have been to you. All the hitches I found were under 200 and class 3. I would be...
  2. R

    Ford Ranger for Quad

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a ford ranger. I'd preferably want a somewhat pre runner one. I'm 16 so tight on money. I had an explorer until someone had smashed into the side of my truck. I do have a Suzuki Z400 I wan't to trade for the ranger. Its pretty much stock. It does have a White Bros...
  3. V

    Success with projector installation in 2nd gen.

    It took a couple of thwarted attempts to get this done. So much more to installing than just plug and play. Two hours of test fitting and attacking header panel with a pneumatic die-grinder. My challenge was to leave enough header panel intact to allow possibility of swapping stock lights...
  4. Predator


    Close up of Predator 500