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    Quality trailer hitches

    I found a few trailer hitches on AutoAnything but, I want to know which manufacturer produces the best quality products. If anyone has any experience with Reese, Curt, or Hidden Hitch I would like to hear how they have been to you. All the hitches I found were under 200 and class 3. I would be...
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    aftermarket AC Parts Reviews?

    I'm getting ready to revive the AC on a 1997 Mounty 5.0. The accumulator has rusted through, but I haven't dug much deeper yet to see the orifice tube. I started researching, and the accumulator prices range from 20.00 for a Four Seasons aftermarket to 100.00 for Motorcraft. The compressor is 15...
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    What is the best aftermarket fuel pump??

    Fuel pump is out, less than a year old. I'm going to replace it but I would like to know which are the best for performance and durability. Airtex? Carter? ????? Thank You for the guidance, the one I have is under warranty but who wants to risk it for what the cost vs work it is to replace it...
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    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    I just took delivery of my 2012 Explorer on Friday and was looking for advice about a tiny paint bubble on the hood about 1mm in size. It's not noticable unless you get right up on it, but I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about. The dealership took pictures of it and...