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radiator fluid

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    2004 Leak

    Alright so, my 2004 is leaking coolant right below the rear passenger door and it looks like its coming from a black bracket that I can't see how to remove, or replace. Is rerouting the rear coolant lines back to the front and option? Or what should I do
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    Hello From Richmond,Va

    Hello All, I recently pitched a 03 Ford Explorer NBX. I’m trying to fix it up as it maybe. I pitched it with about 240k miles and now I’m trying to do some flushing (radiator and Transmission??”Maybe”) Any feed back or helpful hint or trick would be great. I’m trying to do everything my self...
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    Coolant leak with video showing leak spots

    New to the forum. I live up North and am trying my best to winterize my car before the snow starts. For a year now, I have noticed that my coolant level drops in my explorer very quickly. Last winter I had to fill it up with one entire jug of radiator fluid every 3-4 weeks. A year later, my...
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    New Member with '06 Explorer

    Hey guys, I found this forum to be very helpful. I currently own a 2006 Ford Explorer XLS. I absolutely love my Ford, but now I'm faced with a small Radiator leak. I've gone through the forums and to my dismay, I found plenty of people with the same problems (which really sucks!). This...
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    A/C works, but heater doesn't.... HELP

    I just got a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L V6 and my A/C blows ice cold air when on, but when it's cold out and I turn my heat on, it blows cool/cold air, but not as cold as the A/C. I can also smell radiator fluid when I get out of my truck but never see any leaking. Any ideas? I could use a fix...