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  1. R

    Screen Conversion W/Sync

    I am looking into the conversion of a 4 to 8 in screen on my 2016 police utility. I have done research on the topic, and it appears most people encounter an issue because they dont have Sync. I am fortunate to have bought one with Sync. My question is, would it be a simple swap of getting an...
  2. F

    2012 Explorer Base Stereo Diagram

    I spent the last 4 hours looking everywhere I could to locate some sort of wiring diagram for my stereo wiring. Would anybody happen to have one or know where I can get one? Thanks. This 2013 one seems to be the closest to match what I have but there are some wires that don’t make sense.
  3. A

    After market radio install no dash lights

    2001 explorer sport 203k My stock radio went out on me but i had won a sony cdx-gt270mp in a silent auction car kit 4 years ago. I know nothing about installing radios. Searched this forum and found out i needed 70-1771 connector. Used posi twists to wire everything and got the radio working...
  4. K

    97 Ford Explorer Speaker Noise and Connection problem?

    I have a 97 Ford Explorer 4.0 base model my car stereo has an aftermarket Alpine receiver which was already hooked up when I got the truck. All wiring correct and properly done as far as I can tell . Radio has been fine up until now. With this receiver it has an auxiliary cord that comes from...
  5. D

    Looking for stereo wiring harness model number 98 Explorer

    Looking for a wiring harness. I used Crutchfield. They sent me completely wrong harnesses and a head unit with RCA ports in the back. Can someone help me out? My truck has no sub in the back. Produced in December of 97. Previous owner installed a disc changer. I uploaded pictures of the stock...
  6. R

    No Scan Button

    On my 2020 Ford Explorer with Sync 3, there is no button for the radio to SCAN through the channels. I've searched a number of forums and haven't found any input on if there is a way to SCAN AM or FM radio on Sync 3. Does anyone know if there is a trick to do it? Also, since I've seen some...
  7. B

    Has anyone tried the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit?

    Hello, I've been stalking these forums for quite a bit, but am just now posting my first question... Has anyone installed the Car Navi Player head unit/dash kit on their FPIU? I have a 2015 and it is supposed to be plug and play, but I am curious how long it took anyone and how good the...
  8. R

    My digital odometer & clock stopped working suddenly.

    Hello! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently did some work on my Aerostar (plugs, coils, leads) so I assume I disconnected something by accident. My dimmer and interior lights still work. The digital odometer is not displaying any data, and the clock radio does not work...
  9. B

    Swapping Explorer Stereo

    I bought a 2012 Explorer last month. It was a government vehicle, so it’s as base model as it can get. I am wanting to see if there’s a way to put a standard single/double din stereo in, because it does not have sync, usb or navigation. Is there a dash kit I could get to integrate a standard...
  10. S

    '08 Radio / Backup Cam Recommendation

    Happy Thanksgiving! I've seen threads asking about installing navigation systems and enhancing their Eddie Bauer radios but I am simply looking for a recommendation for a radio system that is going to replace my 08's factory one which will let me us an aux cord and have a display to select my...
  11. D

    Stereo Wiring Harness Issue? Speaker Location Wrong

    I recently intstalled an aftermarket stereo in my 08 explorer. Everything sounds fine, but I figured out that the speaker location is wrong. When I use the fader, “front” is left and “rear” is right. I checked my wire harness adapter, etc. and know that I didn’t wire it wrong. Is there anything...
  12. J

    Radio Change

    A question limited to the UK owners really - for reasons which will become obvious: Now that I've got the old girl back on all fours (!) my attention comes back to the radio - which I would very much like to swap for something modern, touch-screen and with DAB/DAB+. Mine currently has the Ford...
  13. J

    2005 Explorer CB Instal

    Hi everyone! I just bought a used 2005 Explorer and I am going to start installing my radios in it. Thought I would share how I would do it. Below is the factory radio setup. Below is a sample of my install. Installed radio will be Cobra 29LX. I will be using a Larsen NMO27B antenna on a...
  14. Terryhan05

    LCD screen going bad how to replace?

    Hello everyone. Been a member for a few weeks now. Everyone has been very helpful. I have a 2014 PIU. l have had it for about 2 months now. I have noticed the display is slowly working its way down. When I bought the PIU maybe 2 lines were noticeable. Any ideals how to stop it?
  15. O

    Stock Radio Upgrade

    Hi all, I want to upgrade my stock, non JBL, factory cassette radio. It is getting finicky and does not pick up half the stations I know are out there. As this is not a daily driver, I do not want to break the bank, but would love a decent radio with bluetooth and maybe the ability to insert...
  16. K

    2014 XLT with flickering interior lighting and audio

    Hey everyone, Currently undergoing some electrical issues within my explorer. The first time that I noticed this was a few weeks ago when it was around zero degree F during a left hand turn from a stop. There isn't one particular feature that causes this issue, I can mess with the heat setting...
  17. S

    Radio Issue

    I have a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT. When the truck is running with the radio on the right rear speaker crackles and pops when playing. With the key off this does not occur. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  18. T

    2016 PIU no-sync to sync?

    Hey all! I recently acquired a beautiful Dark Blue 2016 PIU with 36k miles on it. The agency that purchased it originally over ordered and sent it to the auction with delivery miles and was purchased by a civilian and had an easy non-LEO life. Unfortunately for me, its a non-sync vehicle and...
  19. 4

    Radio help please

    My factory 6 disc decided to deep out. Turns off and on randomly. Decided to pick up an inexpensive Pioneer head unit(DEH-1000UB)to get some sound back. Bought the correct wiring harness but can't get the sub to turn on. What did I miss? I'm willng to get someone here has had the same...
  20. 0

    Radio keeps shutting off every 50 seconds

    I have a 2000 ford explorer 2wd, when I got it, it had a number of electrical issues, but I'm stumped on this one. I replaced the connector that goes into the stock radio because it was damaged and no longer fit, I noticed that the people before me had already swapped them out. When I connected...
  21. 4

    Radio help!

    I have an 02'EB V8. I have the radio with the 6 disc changer in the dash. 2 weeks ago the radio began cutting out, looking like it's losing power and then comes on and goes off again. Before I go ahead and replace it, Can I hard wire it to the fuse box to see if that changes it? I dont want to...
  22. E

    CB Radio Install

    So recently I just installed a cb into my 02 Ex. I wasn’t able to find very many threads on here about installing one but I believe I have a good write up. The hood channel mount, coax cable, and antenna were ordered on Amazon with Prime. They all are Firestik brand. I will post more pics of...
  23. D

    1996 JBL Audio

    I have a JBL "Premium" system in my 1996 Eddie Bauer, and i want to change the head unit out for something a bit newer, but I DONT want to bypass the stock amp. Is that even a possibility? If not I'm going to just leave it be, but if it is can you please tell me if there is a adapter plug, or a...
  24. M

    Car Stereo Help

    Has anyone already upgraded their factory radio. There is no speakers, or aux inputs on this radio and would like to install something with apple car play, however nothing seems to be available. I've contacted Metra and they told me that the ac relocation control kit doesn't fit this year model...
  25. 2

    Turn signals, flashers and radio not working

    Hello, Newby here. I just bought a 2005 explorer xlt. The turn signals on the dash would light but not blink. So today I got a new relay from auto zone #1 on the top side of the fuse box. The radio stopped working after I took out the relay. I don't know if its connected to the relay or just...