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radius arm bushing

  1. S

    radius arm bushing "Something broke under the Coil spring" PLZ HELP!

    1st of I just wanted to say this is my 1st post, so if its in the wrong spot sorry.. I have already found this site vary useful......Thanks For all you people for giving us the know how.... Now For the prob...I am Replacing the radius arm bushing in my 91 explorer 2wd, And I Pulled the nut of...
  2. J

    looking for help to fix brake problems

    Hey, I’ve been having brake problems and I was hoping yall could help me figure out what is causing them. (She's a '92 2wd, 182k) Symptoms -shudder when braking at high speeds (40<) -squeak when brakes are applied, and when let off (at low speeds, not high pitched at all, sounds more like a...