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ranger 4wd

  1. B

    Looking at buying 01 Ranger. Advice?

    So I'm looking at buying a 2001 Ranger Edge Plus SuperCab 4.0 4WD with a stepside bed and 167,000 miles on it. I went to look at it this evening, and it seems pretty good apart from a few minor things that I would want to replace (like the cruise control buttons). My main concern is the SOHC 4.0...
  2. J

    Greetings Everyone

    Newbie here. I've an 06 Ford Ranger 4x4 which has been a great truck until recently having issues with being stuck in 4wd low. Hoping to find some answers. My handle is simply JanS Thanks Jan
  3. L

    4x4 axle

    I recently got a 01 ranger edge 4x4, It has 4.10 gears, and I want to change them up to 3.55, I do a lot of hy-way driving. I would like to swap complete axles assembly if possible, or will pay reasonable price. Also have a 92 f150 xtended cab long bed, a good work truck, 5.0 hi out put engine...
  4. S

    06 Ranger

    Hi all, Recently the K&N intake came disconnected from the manifold on my low mileage 4 L V6. Simple hose clamp reattached, and I'm on my way, but now the revs hit 2500 at 70 mph. I count five gear changes, and the O/D switch works normally (I often switch it off climbing a hill, and yesterday I...
  5. A

    Torque converter in Ford Ranger

    hi, does anybody know what is the torque converter multiplication factor in Ford Ranger Wildtrack. I needed to calculate the tractive effort at wheels :D :D
  6. N

    Ford Ranger XLT Slow to Accelerate

    I purchased a used 2000 Auto 4WD Ford Ranger XLT (currently 190xxxkms) 6 months ago. It had been running great, but just recently (last month or so) it has been running slow/accelerating slow. Also, when I put it in reverse, it sometimes doesn't go into gear right away. If I give it gas (quite a...
  7. S

    Engine swap

    I'm wanting to use a 2002 explorer 4.0 sohc motor in a 2003 ranger edge. I know the intakes are different - Is it a simple swap ? What else needs to be swapped - exhaust manifolds ? Base pan ? Mounts ? Etc. thanks for any advise in advance.
  8. R

    need help on ranger bed

    hey guys im new to the site and was woundering what year beds would fit on a 2004 ranger it has a utility body on it and I want to find a regular bed for it any help would be great thanks guys