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  1. C

    Weather Tech Floor Liners? Second Gen X?

    I'm putting some money into my 2000 Explorer, and decided I want to be like the cool kids with their stupid crossovers and car payments, but without the unibody construction, transverse drivetrain, or car payments. I'm gonna do that by getting some of those cool WeatherTech floor liners. In...
  2. E

    Fender Flares from an 07 Ranger on 04 Sport Trac

    Hey all, I am chatting with a guy parting out his 07 Ranger atm and he has a set of Ranger fender flares, Would they fit my 04 Sport Trac with little modification required ?
  3. K

    4.0 OHV V6 light performance "optimization" build

    Looking for any advice on a build I'm looking to do. My rangers stock 4.0 is getting pretty worn out at almost 250k miles. I'm looking to get a junkyard engine and rebuild it in my spare time (I work a full time job as a engine machinist so i have access to the equipment) I'm mainly looking to...
  4. A

    Rebuilt 4.0 SOHC - Bad Oil Pressure

    I recently pulled my 4.0 motor and completely redid all of the chains and guides. I even put in a new water pump and oil pump. Finally got it all together and back in the truck. Everything seems great, except I am now having an oil pressure issue…. Now I understand the gauge is largely...
  5. 9

    Camshaft syncroniser to crankshaft (harmonic balancer rotation) Please Help

    Can anyone tell me how many times the camshaft syncroniser rotates for every revolution of crankshaft harmonic balancer? If I'm not mistaken is it 2 times? This would be on a 4.0 V6 OHV (NON-SOHC) I feel stupid. I rebuilt this 97 ranger engine and the timing chain was set at 6 and 12...
  6. 9

    Wanted: Blower Housing

    About 6 years ago I ripped out my old non-functioning AC system that had been sitting empty for 15 years and swapped in a couple of ranger parts to make it heat only. At the time I lived in a cold wet place and never envisioned needing AC. Fast-forward to the present and I find myself living in...
  7. M

    Popping noise when accelerating

    There is a relatively loud popping noise coming from the passenger side of my 97 Ford Ranger when I accelerate. Mostly happens at speeds over 45mph but happens under that speed as well. It has also made the truck run rather rough. (I.E. Causing it to shake and rumble). Any information helps as...
  8. D

    Intermittent Starting - 2003 Ford Ranger XLT Fx4 4.0

    I'll start here. I replaced the fuel pump today, 7/3/19. Now and then my truck would not start for no apparent reason. I would start it and it would die only to not start again. Sometimes in gear sometimes not. It acted like it was flooded then would sound like no gas at all. I'd check all the...
  9. S

    1993 Ford ranger M5R1 3.0 L manual 5spd transmission installation issue

    Hey, I have recently bought a ford ranger with a supposed low mileage tranny swap.. it bust on us, so got a new tranny, replaced the clutch, slave cylinder, throw out bearing etc.. putting the tranny in.. got it all in place, 5 of the 6 tranny-engine bolts in place, except the very top passenger...
  10. E

    Lowering blocks

    need help can i buy a kit for a ford ranger to lower the back end of my explorer? What size u bolts do i need if i buy a 3 inch block?
  11. C

    seating advice

    Hey guys, I recently had the drivers seat in my ranger collapse. It no longer stays locked in position. When I pull the lever it reclines instead of coming back up. And when I pull it up and then lean back against it it just leans back down flat making it quite difficult to see where I am...
  12. S

    Ranger 3.0 heads question

    Well my girlfriends 2004 ranger edge has a recessed exhaust valve, so it’s time for new heads. Ive been looking around but haven’t really found all that much. I know the stock ones are built crappy, but what’s a good aftermarket set to throw on? I figure we should get new valves for it as well...
  13. J

    Ranger lift kit on Explorer?

    Hey, I have a question regarding a lift kit. I used to own a '98 SOHC automatic 2WD ranger, had a lift kit for it but I moved on before i could install it. Now I have a '97 Explorer sport OHV 4x4 with the M5OD manual, and the lift kit is still in my basement- is there any chance that the...
  14. S

    90 ranger with explorer 4.0 wiring trouble

    So ill apologize right off because I'm sure there is a post for this but i have been searching for days trying to find the information i need to finish my project. Base knowledge needed here is that i bought a 90 ranger with blown engine and a broken motor mount and bad radiator for extremely...
  15. C

    WTB: Manual Transfer Case Shift Boot

    Hi i am looking for a first generation explorer Manual transfer case shift boot and possibly the shifter with floor plate from under the carpet. Specifically looking for manual shift boot with 1354 case and automatic transmission. I know most people may not have ever seen this I have came across...
  16. W

    Cruise Control issues 1997 Merc Mounty

    My cruise control isn't working, no surprise there it seems. Has never worked in my ownership. Replaced the cutoff switch and still nothing. I found a post on Ford Forums Online http://www.fordforumsonline.com/threads/self-test-cruise-control-check-engine.1486/ with the cruise control self...
  17. C

    Tried everything possible on my 4.0 ohv Need help please!

    Hello! I have a 1998 4.0ohv 4wd. Recently I got the p1309 code and also the p0171,p074 bank 1 and 2 lean codes. I proceed to change out the Cam Position Sensor and syncro. I did them both correctly exactly by the book. Made sure to put the engine at top dead center ect. I reset the computer (...
  18. T


  19. Sonny1597

    Dana 'Super' 30 IFS 4.10 gear Set and Kit

    Bought these to convert my front Dana axle which at the time was thought to be a Dana 'Super' 30 IFS .. turns out I had a stock Dana 35. The place where I got them would not take them back due to time. Both the Ranger and the Explorer use this axle as well as some Jeeps. As it says from 2001...
  20. tjtheman007

    Mirror Swap Question: 06-10 Explorer Mirrors to 2nd Gen Explorer/Ranger/ 1st Gen Sport Trac??

    Hey guys! Any idea if 06+ Explorer/Mountaineer mirrors will swap to a 99-01 Explorer (or a 01-05 Sport Trac or 95-05 Ranger)? I know the 06+ Ranger mirrors should work, but I am wanting a puddle lamp and defrost built into the mirror and some of the 06+explorer mirrors have that. I understand...
  21. tjtheman007

    Mirror Swap Question: 06-10 Explorer Mirrors to 1st Gen Sport Trac/2nd Gen Explorer/Ranger??

    Hey guys! Any idea if 06+ Explorer/Mountaineer mirrors will swap to a 01-05 Sport Trac (or a 99-01 Explorer or 95-05 Ranger)? I know the 06+ Ranger mirrors should work, but I am wanting a puddle lamp and defrost built into the mirror and some of the 06+explorer mirrors have that. I understand...
  22. M


    My muffler rusted out on my way to work, and when I went to wire it up I got dripped on by something. I got home and went to leave again, and notices a HUGE puddle of tranny fluid from the underneath of the passenger side. I watched the fluid pour (small stream) out of the pipe thing... Idk what...
  23. K

    hi everyone my name is vini from hawiai

    what ranger motors are interchangeable my 2004 3.0 just went out I have a 99' 3.0 on deck will that fit?
  24. E

    86 ranger 2.9l vacuum issue

    Hey guys, long time reader on the website first time poster. I have a 1986 ford ranger I got a few days ago with a 2.9l v6 and I love the truck so far. only issue is there is a vacuum line I found broken off when facing the truck with the hood open its on the right sight of the throttle body...
  25. J

    Auto to 5 speed wiring harness compatibility checked

    I'm putting a 5 speed manual trans out of 93 ranger 4x4 in95 Explorer 4x4 automatic