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rattle noise

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    Rattling when accelerating

    this morning my truck made this rattle noise when I accelerate. It does it when i'm in park and I rev it to a certain point as well. I tried to do some research on it. And I saw something about switching gas. I originally always used the normal 87. Then someone told me to use 89. They said it...
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    Rattle in rear end

    Hi. I have a 97 Eddie Bauer Explorer with a rattle in what sounds like the rear passenger tire area. We have replaced the rear pads and rotors and we have completely removed the parking brake (I live I Florida and have never used it anyway). It only rattles at acceleration upto 20-30mph. And...
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    Rattles Driving me CRAZY (Solved)

    :exp: So I bought a 2013 limited, and I've been hearing rattles coming from the back middle of the vehicle. Obviously, Ive read too much on the board, and assumed the Moon roof was rattling or a rear pillar was causing the issue... So tonight I went out with a few LED flashlights and performed...
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    Help-tire grumble like falling off

    2004 Explorer. New tires. New brake pads. Sound from driver rear tire sounds like it's falling off, like rocks rattling around, squeaks, squeals, VERY loud. The center but also keeps getting loose. I'm scared to drive it. I have a video. Please help me diagnose the problem. I'll have to fix this...
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    (Audio) Loud metallic loose rattle/ticking noise (video)

    Hey everyone, I have a challenge for some of you... My explorer (1999 4.0L SOHC) recently started making a metallic rattling noise when driving/idling. I made a video in hopes that someone could recognize that noise, well I made a few in case the shorter version isn't clear enough. I hear it...
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    07 4.6 rattles under load

    My 07 4.6 with 90k miles has just recently begun to rattle under load- hard accelerating or a moderate hill while towing ~3500lb of boat & trlr. I have this list so far: timing EGR MAS so yes, those contributors are related... just wondering if anyone here has had that issue with the 4.6. I...
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    A/C Cluth Rattles in Gear

    I have a 96 Ranger that has been making clicking noises when in gear (when stopped). I opened up the hood and watched as I had it in drive with the brakes down and the AC clutch will engage and disengage repeatedly making a clicking sound. If the AC is ON this does not happen; it does not happen...
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    I need help with a P1400 code, and a transmission noise.

    Hello I am new to having a Ford Explorer. I love the truck..I bought it at an auction so I took a chance. A few things have come up I am hoping the experts here can help me with. I bought it with check engine light on..truck runs great. It has the 4.6LV8. I took to get inspection sticker here in...
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    Best Replace Exhaust System for 5.0 1998 Explorer

    Hi Everyone, I need to replace the exhaust system on my 1998 5.0 Explorer and I was wondering what would be the best high-performance replacement. I know the exhaust system is shot but the truck also just started making a strange rattling noise tonight over the rough roads in NYC. I was...
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    Does anyone else have the rear liftgate "rattle"???

    (I did search "rattle" and "hatch rattle" but did not get any good hits) Just wondering if there is a "fix" for the 2002-2005 Ford Explorer rear lifgate "rattle"?? It's annoying to say the least and I can't seem to figure out where it's coming from or what is causing it... My father's 03...