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    Bad Catalytic Converter? or something else?

    Hello Everyone, It's been a while since I've posted on here. I've been stuck at home for the past year because of covid but I'm trying to get my Ex in running shape to be able to drive out west (I'm In Wisconsin). I got my long to-do list and at the top of it; a rattling noise while I'm...
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    Rattling noise from engine compartment

    Hi there, my 2003 explorer sport xlt with 4.0 sohc is making this noise when the engine is hot: It is ok when engine is cold. I know that this type of engine is notorious for timing chain issues, but the sound is very similar to a bad cat converter as below: Can you please let me know...
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    Intermittent click noise from from end - with video

    Hey folks, Hoping to use some collective experience and brainpower to diagnose an issue. I've done extensive searching about clicks and rattles coming from the front end, but nothing that quite describes this. Nothing seems broken, it's just driving me insane. But I finally got it audible on...
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    Driver door rattle

    Hey guys so my explorer makes some noises, but this one is unbearable. My driver door closes and locks with no door ajar light. However, when I'm driving it rattles, and I can also push it closed all the way closed from the outside. It only seems to be not aligned right the top half of the door...
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    Update Rattling when going over bumps

    Hi all, I'm having a situation in my 03 explorer xlt when going over any kind of bump. It sounds like metal hitting metal, a clanging rattling noise in the front end. On jacking the front up the only way I can replicate any sort of noise is by actually rotating the tire around then stopping...
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    Rattling when going over bumps

    Hi everyone! I am the proud owner of a 2003 Explorer xlt. I've been having a rattle issue lately in the front end when going over a certain type of bump. It seems it occurs after hitting the bump and the tires fall back to make contact with the ground. (In other words it usually only rattles...
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    Rattling from serpentine belt

    Hey guys I just signed up here. I'm a Blackhawk mechanic in the Army and I have a question about a rattling I have coming from my engine. First of all I am not much of a car mechanic, but through about 15 minutes of Googling I have narrowed down my problem. I got under the car and saw that a...
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    01 Ford Explorer Sport ISSUES?

    Hello everybody. I got a situation. I have yet to go to a mechanic due to my hetic schedule. But I came across a 01 ford Explorer sport from a buddy of mines in Florida. He was a away and needed $1000. Being the Chevy guy I am(no pum), I decided to buy the truck from him for my fiance. So...
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    Rattling/Tinging Noise

    I have a '99 XLS 4.0 and there is a rattling/tinging noise coming from somewhere around the serpentine belt tensioner. Not so much when it's idling but when I rev it, it is very noticeable. I thought it coulda been the tensioner itself cuz it looks rather wobbly, but when I removed the belt and...