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  1. I

    Hands Free Liftgate

    So I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. Everything I’m reading says that I should have the kick activated rear hatch but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. I’ve looked underneath the rear bumper and I don’t see anything? (Don’t quite know what I’m looking for anyways). I have...
  2. C

    2008 Mercury Mountaineer Rear Suspension bolts???

    I am replacing the rear knuckles, rear upper and lower toe links, and rear sway bar links (rear alignment is out of whack) Mechanic said we should probably just replace the bolts because NY winters and salt have destroyed them. New parts didn't come with bolts, Haynes manual doesn't give...
  3. L

    Exteremly confused: Loud grinding and binding coming from passenger rear wheel well

    Okay so I have been trying to diagnose exactly what's causing this noise for a while now and i'm leaning towards a wheel bearing/maybe brakes? but not sure enough to replace anything quite yet. Out of seemingly nowhere one morning, when I tried to backup and leave my driveway the passenger rear...
  4. S

    Rear wheels wobble (I think)

    My Vehicle: 2005 Ford Explorer XLT v6 Gas (4door) Issue as I reported to mechanic: When driving down the highway, the steering is UBER sensitive. It feels like the vehicle is (best I can describe) fishtailing very slight (I thought front alignment was bad, so I asked mechanic to verify...
  5. K

    Reconnecting rear window switches... oops

    I am not sure if I did it or the original upfitter did it, but the connector half that is toward the rear of the vehicle has the purple wire pulled free from its unknown connection point. The half that is mounted to the wiring harness is intact. I would guess both wires used to be connected in...
  6. P

    Jammed Hatch ----- Please Help

    Greetings all, My Girlfriend has a 2004 Explorer XLT, and the hatch won't open. She got her coat sleeve stuck in the bottom of the hatch, and now it won't budge. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!
  7. B

    2004 Leak

    Alright so, my 2004 is leaking coolant right below the rear passenger door and it looks like its coming from a black bracket that I can't see how to remove, or replace. Is rerouting the rear coolant lines back to the front and option? Or what should I do
  8. B

    Rear Upper shock mount bracket rotted...Help!

    Recently bought a 1998 Explorer XLT. It was sitting in a neighbors yard and heading for the junk yard when I rescued it. It runs great, but looks like it sat submerged in water for a long, long time. The rear shocks are not connected at the top as the bracket that they mount to is swiss cheese...
  9. B

    2011 XLT Manual Liftgate Stuck

    Hello all! Had the problem for awhile now and I’ve searched for a solution here and there, but it’s becoming more and more inconvenient and I need help. The rear hatch is locked shut and won’t open. When I push the button to open it in the rear, I can hear it wanting to open but it’ll only...
  10. C

    Rear differental seal leaking after fluid change?

    I just changed my rear differental fluid I took it for a spin and when I got home the differental cover wasn't leaking neither was the fill plug but it was actually the pinion seal or what looks to be. My first thought was the breather tube was clogged so I took it off and tried to put some...
  11. C

    Rear main seal leak additive?

    I noticed by rear main seal was leaking is there a additive you guys can recommend? It's not leaking like crazy but it's noticeable no drops on the driveway yet so hopefully still fixable. Something that will really work I know I should replace the rear main that's the only true way to fix it...
  12. M

    2013 Sport Rear Shock Recommendations

    I noticed I have a leaking rear shock on my Sport so it is time to replace them. All suspension and wheels are stock. Looking for recommendations. Should I replace with stock Motorcraft or aftermarket like KYB, Monroe, Bilstien or other? Thanks
  13. B

    Massive Oil Leak

    Hey everyone! It's bean YEARS since I've posted on here, but I haven't had an Explorer ince I graduated college. I picked up a 1998 4.0 SOHC recently that had a no start due to a faulty CKPS. $13 later I was on the road bringing it to work to shake it down. I've only done a few small repairs as...
  14. 9

    95 Explorer 2 Door

    Out of curiosity I was wondering how hard is it to replace or remove the rear quarter vent window on a 2 door explorer I accidentally shattered mine and gonna be going to the junkyard to pull one but wanted to know if y'all have any tips. Thanks.
  15. T

    Never seen a rear main like this one before...

    So while putting timing chains in my 4.0 SOHC I got to the point of every 4.0 when you install a new rear main because it seems like these things go every 100k miles. But when I did I ran into this seal and it looks nothing like the others I've seen. It's got the metal thing around the crank...
  16. P

    Question about sway bar end link lengths; experiences with 1AAuto

    My '03 needs a lot of front end work and my local shop (who I normally trust 100%) quoted me an insanely high price to replace both front upper control arms, both front lower ball joints, both front inner/outer toe rods, and all four strut/coil assemblies, along with my rear sway bar end links...
  17. N

    Differential, rear, or which pumpkins will fit and what are those bolts on the driveshaft flange?

    OK! Half-price day at the local Automotive Dismantling and Recycling Emporium. Free pumpkin coming tomorrow if I can just look up which ones will fit. Where do I look for 2005 rear differential, .373 non-locking, interchangeables? What numbers do I need to be sure its a non-locker? What...
  18. N

    Growling in the rear stops when steering wheel is jerked to the right

    I can go to a retail shop and get them to diagnose this but I'm asking here... Being unable to hear anything wrong with the 2005 Explorer jacked up and running... being unable to get my nephew to puppy dog at the rear windows while I'm driving... Having already replaced both rear wheel...
  19. A

    Finding EE Sway Bar or having a custom bent up?

    Hey guys, I've recently been looking around on the forum in my spare time and there's an item that'd I'd love to have, but as far as I can see isn't in production anymore. So, do you guys know of any place to find an EE rear sway bar? Is having one bent out of 1.25" or maybe even 1.5" pipe an...
  20. N

    Rear Wheel Bearings SKF good?

    I'm finding SKF bearings and chyneeze bearings around here. (That's what NAPA is selling right now.) Is SKF good or should I keep searching for MOOG? Somebody just said National Brand from Advance Auto Parts were what he used, but I looked real close and saw Chinese characters on them.
  21. D

    Please help me identify source of brake noise

    I am working on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, V6-FlexFuel AWD. This wekeend, I replaced the rear brake pads and rotors. Also, the parking brakes on both sides were completely shot. I also replaced the parking brake pads. This is the first time I've done this on this style of parking brake...
  22. 2

    Back up sensor bumper?

    I didn't even know the second gens had this option. I'm guessing it isn't just plug and play. Has anyone swapped one of these into their X? I personally wouldn't pay this much for a used bumper. But my local junkyard usually has 10-15 explorers, so I'm sure I'll find one of these eventually. I'm...
  23. E

    Overspray on rear wheel wells

    So I was attacking the ever annoying rust on my rear wheel wells recently. I knocked the rust off, cut up above the highest rust point, and then sanded down the fender. I then used bondo to make the fender look as normal as usual and sanded that down to an even point. I hit it with black spray...
  24. C

    Inside Tire Wear on Both Rear Tires

    I have a 2006 Ford Explorer AWD that is getting inside tire wear on the rear tires. Looking through the forum I can't find anyone that has directly touched on this subject. My question is, is there a way to adjust the camber on the rear to correct this problem. Looking under the vehicle it...
  25. N

    how to remove and replace rear driver side door.

    I have to replace my rear driver door because my Fiance thought she knew how to drift. Obviously she didn't. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the steps in removing the door and I'm sure putting the new one on is the opposite so I was just wondering if someone could tell me if there are...