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  1. C

    Recall 19C06 - Factory Mode & Park Release Access

    Since the recall sticky thread isn’t taking replies, I thought I’d start this one for the first Gen 6 recall. Of those of us who have taken delivery, is anyone affected by this? Being in factory mode should be obvious, and the Park release access cover is easy enough to check. Based on the build...
  2. R

    Recall 19S17 and front alignment q's

    Just had my 17 Base get the suspension recall (19S17). Dropped it off at my local dealer, noted mileage and exterior condition with pics. They only had it a few hours, but had a few questions. 1) it picked up 3-4 new scratches that were not there before - I spent yesterday afternoon washing...
  3. F

    Rear Toe Link Recall

    Ford Motor Company Issues Four Safety Recalls | Ford Media Center (Recall 19S17)
  4. C

    2000 Mercury Mountaineer Premier ?'s, privacy cover , recall ?s

    Just acquired a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer Premier with 159k miles Seems to have all options but a sun roof. Runs pretty good and all the electronic bits seems to work but other than pulling a carfax, I have no other history. Questions 1) what would you have a mechanic do right away...
  5. T

    Recalled Firestone a/t tire

    So I found out that my 97 explorer has one of the Recalled Wilderness A/T Tires on it. The person that owned the truck before never did the recalls so im stuck with this tire. Are they still willing to replace it? Or should I jsut throw the tire in the trashcan?
  6. 2

    Cruise Control Switch.

    Hey everyone, I just changed out the recall switch for the cruise control on my X. I found a new harness at the local junkyard out of another 2nd gen. My old switch only had one fuse but the new one has two. It hooked right up and for the first time in years, I now have cruise control again...
  7. S

    Recall ?

    Hi, got a call from Ford today at the house, my wife took the call and said it was some electronic recording stating that my Ex might be part of a recall. Did anyone get this call also, do you know what the latest recall might be ? Thanks PS Already had the car in recently for the fan...
  8. T

    Crash Record Module - Black Box??

    The dealer has told me the devices which record data on the Ford Explorer, particularly the crash record module (which they say only FORD can read) can only be removed for analysis after a vehicle has been repaired. Sounds fishy to me. Since when is an aircraft rebuild before they analyse crash...
  9. L

    2011 - 2018 Explorer Power Steering Issue

    Has anyone had a power steering assist fault code show up? It has happened to me about a dozen times and you have no power steering when it does. Most of the time it can be killed and re-started and it will reset, but today it will not reset and I'm 2 hours from home having to man-handle it...
  10. J

    need help with recall

    I have purchesed a 2003 explorer xlt rebuilder. i replaced rear hatch and left taillight. i have come across some snags and would like some advice. iv posted threads and no ones been a big help. I was wondering if any body knows if i can go to the dealer and have my hinges replaced on my hatch...
  11. R

    A/C line defect?

    I have a hole that has worn into the smaller A/C line right under the air cleaner box. There is a strut mounting bolt that rubs on this line and has finally caused a full evacuation of my freon. Anyone else have this issue? Only 38000mi on a 2003 XLT. Trying to get Ford to cover it, will...
  12. BSlusser

    The BFG A/T Mystery

    I've needed new tires for a while now, and up until yesterday I believed that the only obstacle would be raising the money. I went down to one of a few local costcos where they are doing a promotion 'till the 12th on almost all Michellin and BF Goodrich tires. I told them the tire I wanted (BFG...