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  1. J

    1996 Explorer sun roof

    Hello all, I have a 1996 Explorer Ltd. Today, for the first time, the sun roof would operate to open but would not close. I removed the upper console (all other functions were normal) and looked for any obvious signs of failure with the switch, then manually closed to roof. Finding no signs of a...
  2. J

    No start no crank.

    Pin 3 is getting over 12v. When I jump 3 to 5 the engine cranks and starts. I've tried 5 relays and I've tested this last one on the wipers and it works. When the key is in the cranking position pins 1 to 2 only get 10vs as where the 1 to 2 pins on the wipers and fog light relays get 12v. I...
  3. J

    Power window 96

    When I bought my 96 Explorer a few months back, there was an existing issue with the drivers side window. Switch works, motor turns, but makes a "bumping" noise while running and does not stop turning when the window reaches the top. My mechanic was running a diagnostic for an unrelated problem...
  4. C

    Explorer doesn't crank

    My sister drove her car to work parked it and turned it off, hours later after work she got back into her car went to start it up, the lights worked, the radio works, the engine didn't turn over, replaced the starter and starter solenoid (both 1 piece) with new parts, still didn't turn over...
  5. C

    Solenoid Wiring Question

    Usually I snap a quick photo on a job like this, so it's a no-brainer to put it back together, but didn't have my phone handy... So, I pulled this solenoid off my '97 Explorer to bench test it 'cause I'm troubleshooting starting issues. It worked fine on the bench: good solid click on/off, with...
  6. J

    12v outlet/cigarette lighter not working

    Sup dudes and dudettes I've had this problem where i go to plug in something (phone charger, gps, led lights, etc.) into my 12v outlet on my radio bezel and it does nothing at all same goes for the one hidden behind that little door in the passenger footwell. For my lights I used the ground for...
  7. T

    How to: 04+ Sport Trac Fog Light Mod (Stays on W/ High Beams)

    Fog lights stay on when brights/high beams are engaged. **Do this mod at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you mess something up or violate any laws with performing this mod.** First, verify your fog light relay location. (Refer to owners manual.) The pictures used here are on my 04...
  8. C

    LED Conversion Issue

    96 Ford Explorer XLT. Replaced every single interior/exterior bulb to LED except headlights (still waiting for those). I also used a LED flasher relay to prevent "hyper-flashing". All lights work fine, except when using my turn signals, the third/high mount brake light lights up, but is dim &...
  9. G

    Halos And Relay Harnesses For An XSport

    Anyone doing halo kits in a 2013 Ford XSport? What size halos will fit on the projector lens of the halogen headlight and foglight housings? I ordered some from Summit Racing that said they were vehicle specific but they were not the correct size (too small). Also any suggestions on a reliable...
  10. T

    Looking for Accessory Delay Relay (2006)

    Can someone point me to the location of the accessory delay relay, also known as the Retained Accessory Power relay? I believe that mine is bad, but don't know where the sucker is located, or exactly what it looks like (assuming it is a small cube like most relays). The owners manual and web...
  11. T

    Missing Night Illumination and Radio Delayed Off

    Help: 2006 Explorer Limited with Factory Subwoofer Audio System My 06 was in for dealer service and when it came back, the radio night illumination (for buttons, not the LED display) had stopped working. Also, the radio no longer stays on like it used to after shutting off the car but before...
  12. B

    Starter Relay???2000Ford Explorer Limited 5.0

    2000 Ford Explorer Limited 5.0 So this is how the whole issue started... I needed to switch out a fuse for the cig lighter. I went out and printed a copy of the internal fuse diagram since i bought my explorer off of craigslist with no owners manual. I switched out the cig lighter and...
  13. M

    Low power to fuel pump.

    I recently became the owner of a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT,4.0,auto. I did some work for said vehicle,knowing that it wouldnt start due to a fuel problem,but I figured that I would be able to repair it. Well,electrical isnt my area of expertise,and now Ime sort of stuck. heres whats happening...
  14. K

    Cruise Control and Power Windows fail

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of help. I have a 2004 Ford Explorer Xls. And my cruise control used to occasionally not work, but sometimes I could give the brakes a good push and they would work afterwards. But now they don't work at all, Also; Now, none of my windows will roll down, I've...
  15. 1

    Why does my ignition relay keep blowing?

    Truck info. 91 Stock with the older wiring schematic that has the BAP. The Haynes book shows 91 but not the 91 I have. Must of been from the first half. This morning I had my 91 explorer idling to hookup a trailer. As I was walking to the back of the truck, it shuts off. So I went back to...
  16. J

    01 explorer fuel pump issue

    i have an 01 explorer not getting any gas relays are clicking when vehicle is shut off all relays and inertia switch are good it also threw a code cant remember the number but it said possible valve stuck open or fuel pump ground any help or ideas would be appreciated
  17. A

    Got a few 93's, got a few questions

    I Already have a 93 XLT automatic that is now a parts truck. I recently purchased two more 93 Explorers, both are standards, one is a 4 dr. XL and the other, a 2 dr. sport. 92 XL needs a clutch, which I have, but after reading my Hanes, it says to re & re the transfer case and install a new...
  18. N

    Flashing dome lights!!

    Hey Guys, Nick here from Atlanta. My 99 Explorer v6 has some sort of malfunction that is making the dome and cargo light flash non-stop. In addition there is a clicking noise that accompanies it as if the blinker is on. I have lubed the door locks as I have read that could be the problem also...
  19. B

    86 Ranger 2.3 EFI gas RELAY SWITCH PROBLEMS

    Cut to the chase..... …..…..In looking at the new switch bottom side, with lock tabs on the bottom, the two smaller spades are top, and middle, and the bottom spade is larger. On the Ford OE pigtail switch I’m replacing, this has the same female plug-ins as my NEW SWITCH, so even though the...
  20. T

    2001 Exp S.T. Turn Signal Relay

    Here is a good one. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac V6. My turn signal relay starts to click as soon as I turn on the key, no the turn signal is not activated from column. If I push on the brake it stops. It all started when I heard a relay chatter from under the dash, it sounded like a...
  21. T

    Fuel Pump Relay, Power Dist. Box, '99

    Hi everyone, 1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L SOHC 134k miles I've been having fuel pump issues of late, but it does not appear to be the fuel pump itself, as the problem is intermittant. It will occasionally turn over but not start (fuel pump silent), but it when it does, it runs...
  22. CamDJClimited

    What does this Ground Wire go to??

    This is the ground wire that is grounded to the left of the windshield wiper motor. What is it connected to? My car won't start because it looks like it caught fire? Or melted a little bit, so I need to replace it, but I have NO idea where it goes. Can anyone out there tell me? It's on a 1996...
  23. G

    02' Explorer Sport V6 4.0

    This forum has been so immensely helpful to me and has probably saved me over $2,000 (at least) in the last few years. I'd like to detail all the issues I've had w/ my explorer sport in the hopes that it will help someone else out. Some of this may be a little simplistic, but I hope it will help...
  24. red.EDDIE.4x4

    Relay queston - Electric fan controller

    ok, so i ordered a Derale electric fan controller from summit. its fairly straight forward, but i am confused on how many amps my fan is able to draw from the relay it has. i am going to run a chevy HHR fan. here is what the top of the relay says: 12V 40/60A then the sticker Derale put on...
  25. T

    Stock Fog Light Relay

    Does anyone know how many amps the stock relay is? I have a 02 xlt and it didn't come with stock fogs. So i put them in and I ran my own circuit. Do I need a relay or will I okay without one?