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remote keyless

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    Program 3rd IAK

    2012 Limited Ford Explorer with push-start, 2 currently working programmed IAK (intelligent access key) and 1 new un-programmed IAK. Trying to access Program Mode via Owners Manual and not having any luck at all. I have tried 3 different types of procedures, but nadda. :confused: Owners...
  2. C

    Factory Alarm goes off when using remote key FOB

    Hi all, I have kind of a weird one here. I just went out and bought a remote for my 1998 Explorer XLT V8. I got it at AutoZone (It's made by Dorman) and I was able to program it to my truck by cycling the key 8 times and then hitting a button on the remote. That part went fine and the truck...
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    97 Explorer RKE Troubleshooting

    Hi All, My daughter bought a 97 Explorer Eddie Bauer. It didn't come with any remotes but had electrical locks so I consulted with a dealership and using the VIN got the part number for the remotes and ordered 2 of them from eBay. I did some searching and found the sequence to program them...
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    remote for keyless entry

    Hello all, I bought a 96 EB Ex without the keyless remote. I ordered one from keyless-remote.com. Going by their instructions it said to find the "jumper point" in the back left panel near the rear washer fluid container. I could not find it and the "turn the ignition on and off" thing did...