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remote start

  1. K

    2017 Explorer SUV: Push button start: Neither fob will complete Remote Start

    I bought a 2017 Ford Explorer SUV last week. It has push-button start/stop. I also have two FOBs that work great EXCEPT neither will start my engine. I have been scouring the internet and trying all sorts of directions for a week without success. If I cannot fix this on my own I will have to...
  2. C

    14 XLT Remote Start - Flip Key Fob

    Hey everyone. First post here. I'm getting a 2014 Explorer XLT in the next week. I plan on getting one of the nice switchblade keys from amazon. However, I also want to enable the factory remote start using forscan. Has anyone seen any switchblade key fobs that have the remote start button? All...
  3. D

    Keyless Entry Stopped Working

    Hello all! Thanks for the add! Question, I've got a 2011 Ford Explorer. My remote start and keyless entry stopped working altogether. When we first got the car you had to be right up on it for it to start the car or unlock the doors. Over time it gradually got worse and then just stopped all...
  4. K

    Thanks for the add

    Thanks for the add. First, I am interested in adding a remote start, then adding a subwoofer. Then I need info to fix stupid water leak in third row.
  5. ISTGradFromPSU

    Remote Start Heated Seats

    Thought i would throw this out there. There is a known issue with the 2016-2019 model year Explorers with integrated heated seats and remote start. I can only speak that it affects the limited trim and up with the heated and ventilated seats. I have my remote start climate settings set to "auto"...
  6. 2

    Fortin Remote Start Question

    I have a 2013 Explorer XLT and I bought my wife a Fortin RS Remote Start kit. I have removed the bottom panel of the steering column and the kick panel below the steering column as well as the metal panel behind it. I can see the back of the ignition switch but I cannot find the small...
  7. S

    2016 Explorer Remote Start Climate Behavior

    Hi all, I have a 2016 Explorer Sport with factory included remote start. I always leave the climate settings in auto mode for remote start. When I remote start it in the hot summers here (100F+), the climate control on the remote start is useless. It does not cool worth a damn. The front vents...
  8. J

    Remote start draining battery Please help!!

    My battery died so I got a jump And had it tested. The test said that the battery was dead so I replaced it. My car started right up with the new battery but when I tried to start the car with my remote start it would just click and then if I try to start with the push button it won’t start as...
  9. D

    Key fob and remote start question

    Hi guys. I have a 13 explorer limited. It has a preactivated basic remote start and i was wondering if i can have the bidirectional remotestart's antenna installed to help increase the distance to activate the function. I live in ohio and am a foreigner from a tropical country so i am really...
  10. K

    2013 Ford Explorer 200 Plug In Play Remote Start Key Fob not working

    Hi all, a few questions - My Vehicle Info: 2013 Ford Explorer XLT with the 200 Series Plug-N-Play Remote Start system that I had installed at the dealership in January 2013. I have two keys plus the remote start FOB. My Remote Start Key FOB has stopped working and the button is worn out (yes...
  11. W

    2017 Explorer D.I.Y. Remote Start..

    Hello all...So my wife and I just bought a new 2017 Ford Explorer XLT..with I believe the 200A equipment package,so a remote start was not included.. I ordered 2 parts from the Ford dealership; Part no.FT4Z-19A361-A (Electronic Module) Part no.EL3Z-19G364-B (Kit-Remote) Well now I have an...
  12. Mr_Fruffles

    Remote Start

    Has anyone had experience or know of a write up on a particular remote start kit? I just want a basic remote start (one way for all I care) that will work and will not cost a ton. DIY install is a plus but not required. I imagine the cheap ones on ebay are missing things or just flat out...
  13. C

    idatastart with drone mobile

    been researching remote starters for my 13 ex. after playing with the ford access and seeing the cost i decided to talk to my buddies who owns an aftermarket shop near me. ended up walking out with a plug and play idatastart unit with a single button remote plus the drone mobile kit. got home...
  14. D

    Push Button Ignition

    My mom's arthritis has gotten so bad that she is unable to turn the key from the "Run" position to start the car. I am thinking of adding a push button momentary switch so all she will have to do is position the key to the "Run" position and then push the button. I searched here on this site...
  15. H

    explorer 2013 limited, remote start is not working

    Hi Remote start function is exist in my key, and the remote start is enabled in the car setting, but when i try to start it remotely it doesnt work?!! i press lock twice then start, i checked my car i found the the hood ajar indicator is removed because it had accedent before my friend says...
  16. J

    Installing Remote Start = PITA!

    For anyone looking to installing their own remote on one of these vehicles, letting you know now, it is a major pain in the rear. I currently hate Ford. I am doing the job the correct way. Not butchering everything and quickly hacking it in. Here are a few quick picks I took with my non...
  17. N

    Remote Start Apple Watch

    I know the remote start app has not been updated since 2013, but what are the chances Ford could push custom accessories to update the app to include compatibility with the iphone 6/6+ screens and... god forbid... the apple watch. It would be bad ass to start/lock my car from my watch.
  18. H

    Smart Key Programming

    I know how to program a new remote for my 2013 Limited, and there is the requirement that you have two of the factory keys. My partner was able to program a second key for a 2011 F-150 he bought used, when he only had one key fob, because the truck also had Remote Start, and the Remote Start...
  19. J

    2013 explorer remote start

    How do I know if my 2013 explorer base model is remote start ready? I've read that some come with remote start but you have to have the right key fob? I'm considering having an after market "Viper" installed.
  20. N

    Problems with remote start

    I was pulling fuses the other day on my 03 xlt trying to weed out a battery drain. In doing so, I have disabled my remote starter (after market). Any recommendations on how to set this back up to work? I have tried to program it just like a factory fob (on off 8x) to no avail. Any and all help...
  21. P

    remote starter questions

    How can I tell what model remote starter I have installed ? I have a one button FOB with the Ford logo on the button. It seems to work fine. I also have what looks like a DIY momentary button installed in the dash, near the lower left side if the drivers knee panel. A year or so ago I...
  22. B

    2003 Ford Explorer remote start not starting

    Ok so I have a 2003 ford explorer that when I attempt to use the remote start, all the interior lights come on, including radio, and the engine clicks and something spins, but nothing starts, and I don't know where to go with this. It worked for a while with no problems, then quit when I...
  23. O

    split buy? remote start

    Anyone interested in splitting the DA8Z-19G364-A remote start kit? It comes with 2 keys and I only really need 1...cheapest i have found is about $200 with shipping. Dealer said $105 to "install" aka turn it on in IDS and cut the key. PM if interested. Thanks!
  24. R

    Anyone self-installed an Excalibur Remote Start?

    Was goofing around on amazon, stumbled on the Omega Excalibur RS-130-DP remote start with the keyless bypass module for $99. Says it works with the factory key fob. Considering buying it, and trying to self install. Has anyone on here done either?
  25. J

    2002 Ford Explorer - AutoPage Remote Starter/Alarm install w/Immobilizer

    HAPPY NEW YEARS to the Ex family!!! This thread was created to see if I made the right connections, but also can be as a tutorial of where to make the connections on your Ex when the diagram is corrected. As a Christmas present from my wife, I ordered a AutoPage C3-RS-665 and a iDataLink...