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  1. J

    Headliner removal on ‘96 XLT 4 door.

    Hey all, First post here so bear with me. I recently purchased a 96 Explorer with a sun roof but noticed it has a leak on the interior by the passenger side of the front windshield. I decided to drop the headliner to A.) replace the gross stained one, B.) seal the leak from the inside as well as...
  2. willzilla

    2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4 door Center Console Removal?

    The forum search feature doesn't seem to work (just gives me errors when I try to search for anything). What is the trick with removing the center console? I found various instructions, removed all of the bolts/nuts, and then hit the center bracket backwards to push to console back "at least 2...
  3. P

    2016 Explorer Liftgate Panel Removal

    Have a squeaky liftgate and trying to remove the panel to figure out why it squeaks. Don't want to mess anything up. Other than the two screws on the inside handle, is there anything else that I need to be aware of? Does it just pop off? Anything to be cautious of so I don't break anything?
  4. B

    2015 Sport 40/60 Seat Removal

    Hello, folks. My wife's 2015 Sport has a rear (drivers side) seat that needs replaced - we'll just gloss over the battery acid that leaked all over it... She has the 60/40 seats, black leather, not electric or heated or cooled. I did search the forums here on how to remove them, but didn't...
  5. T

    Bank 2 sensor 1 pissing me off. HELP

    2004 4.6 how do I get the damn sensor unplugged and off? It’s in a tight space, and the tab is on top which I think was an asshole thing to do by Ford. I can’t mash it, my 9 year old daughter can’t even get her hand in to push the tab. Do I just break that rubber mount? Or is there a way to get...
  6. D

    2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 AWD (Ford Explorer) Engine Replacement

    I am having to replace the engine on a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6 and am looking for any advice, recommendations, tricks and instructions. We've already grabbed a used engine from a local salvage yard. I should be able to get the instructions off of All Data but was wondering if anyone had any...
  7. W

    Spare Tire Removal Kit Size

    Hi all, I have been going over my project car and realised there isn't a spare tire removal kit so I can't lower the spare tire. Any one know what size/length is specifically needed for 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition? In need of changing the spare tire to one with tread! Thanks
  8. K

    NEED HELP with bull bar installation

    I'm new to the forum, love it so far. So I bought a Westin Light Safari Bar part #30-0025 for my 2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.6L AWD. I'm in the process of adding several things into the vehicle and this bull bar has proven itself to be the most troublesome. The instructions state I...
  9. B

    05 Explorer 4x4 5R55s Transmission issues

    Need some help. I have an 05 Explorer 4x4 (4.0 6 cylinder) with the 5R55S transmission. Backed it out of the driveway and put it in Drive. The car wouldn't, or would barely, move. Thought it was the fluid level. Pulled the center plug and a significant amount of fluid poured out. I'm...
  10. C

    4.6L Plug Change

    Since there isn't a ton of information on the site about this, I thought I would add more info on the spark plug change thing for the 3 valve. Truck: 2008 (?/2007 - before the change at factory for whatever revision was made - had black coil boots). 92k miles. Prep: This wasn't covered...
  11. A

    How Do I Remove The Camshaft Sprocket?

    4.0L OHV (Pushrod) 4WD, Automatic, 1994 Explorer XLT. I need to know how to remove the torx bolt from the camshaft sprocket (top) so I can replace the timing components. All I see are replacement threads for SOHC engines... Nothing is broken!! I'm just replacing them for the hell of it since I...
  12. T

    Transmission cooling line removal

    I have an 04 Ex XLT and we are replacing the cooling lines to the trans as we noticed a leak... the line appeared damaged at the connection to the hose that connects the line to the radiator. There is a "special" disconnect tool that is required for these quick connect fittings... finding the...
  13. C

    Sport Side Molding

    Hey guys Im pretty sure there is a thread already started about this but I couldnt find it. I was wanting to know how to removed the door molding a 2001 ford explorer sport. I have it highlighted below. The double sided tape is coming off and I want to take it off and replace the tape and...
  14. 5

    Rust removal without elbow grease

    I shared this article on another page and thought it belonged in this category as well. I'm working on putting a 1956 F100 on top of a Ford Explorer and I ran into a nice little CHEAP secret online after searching my house for an hour looking for vinegar. Instead of that, for just $1.25, you...
  15. txaggie

    Roof Rack / Rail Removal

    Still looking for a way to remove the rails and have the holes in the roof plugged. Looked at the Ford Police Interceptors, the Utility version (obviously an Explorer). Most of the pictures of them do NOT have the rails standard. So, either they have figured out a way to fill in the holes, or...
  16. 2

    TPS removal to clean TB?

    I want to clean my throttle body this weekend since its really bad, I've finally figured out how to remove the throttle cable by prying it off(I never found the way to remove it on here), now I'm just wondering if the TPS needs to be off the throttle body too before I clean it. I read somewhere...
  17. J

    4.6L engine removal: Univ. Lift Plate vs Leveler

    I need a little help. I have a 02 Explorer XLT 4.6L. I've already taken off all connections to engine, and last things to do is remove engine from tranny and motor mounts, etc. My question is where should I lift the engine from? There are no lifting eyes on the block, and I don't want to...
  18. J

    Can I remove the AC?

    Hey there, My ac doesnt work and I dont really use it in cars that it does work in, so since im going to be doing alot of replacing stuff in the engine compartment a little extra room would be great! MY question is can I remove the AC system without interfering with other systems and how would...
  19. Radio removal tool kit.

    Radio removal tool kit.

  20. 0

    replacing 4.0hhnoo in 02 xlt

    alright gents, it seems that the 4.0 in my xlt is done. i would replace timing chains but it has 228000 and has served it's purpose. so it looks like i will be replacing the engine in the coming days. any shortcuts or advice would be greatly appreciated. i will be posting some pics on here for...
  21. D

    Getting the serpentine belt off '93 explorer

    I have a 93 explorer sport 2wd, 2 door which doesn't use a 3/8 driver but instead requires something like a 15mm socket (I forget exactly what I was using). I can turn the socket counter clockwise (clockwise does nothing) and I'm doing about half a turn but it still doesn't seem as if the belt...
  22. J

    How to: Remove Gen II interior panels

    Figured we needed up a writeup... Front doors: Remove the trim caps from around the door handles (makes it easier to remove the panel from around the handles) Remove the (2) phillips screws from behind the door pull Pry panel away from the truck to release the push-in connectors from...
  23. F


    Im trying to remove my a4ld to rebuild and i cant find a socket that fits the torque converter bolts!!! can someone tell me how they removed it? What size are the bolts Did you have to use a box wrench? Much help appreciated!!!!!!
  24. Y

    A4LD Rebuild - HELP! Problem removing Extension Housing

    Hi Folks, Into my first A4LD rebuild and ran into my first problem. Tranny is out, but can't seem to remove the two studs that also hold the retainer for the gear shift cable. When I turned the nut on the top, the stud came with it and now it is kind of bound up. The retainer can't move up...
  25. Y

    A4LD Removal Question

    Evening folks, Just started my first A4LD rebuild and just have a quick question, although I'm sure there will be more as I move along... I've got the Haynes and ATSG manual, and have reviewed pretty much each invaluable posting on rebuilding these suckers. SO, hopefully forwarned is...