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  1. T

    08 ST.... Spark Plugs... help

    Hey yall, i want to replace the spark plugs.... i am aware of the 3 piece spark plugs that plague the TRITON engine and other ford engines... any idea if this is an issue in the 08 Sport Trac or was it fixed switching to the Gen2? trying to feel it out, probably going to buy and extractor...
  2. F

    Remove intact rear quarter window glass (nonmoveable)

    I have searched the forum about this and didn't come up with anything related to my question. So, I apologize in advance if this has been posted before and for the double post (I guess I clicked post one too many times lol). Anywho.. About a week ago I was run off the road and into a ditch by...
  3. S

    Rearview Mirror Rework (95 - 98)

    As many threads have reported the heavier rear view mirror (the one with all the Auto head light off timer and mirror sensors in it) tends to want to shiver or vibrate. This thread addresses removal AND a rework method that does not involve glue. None of my...
  4. 5

    Rust removal without elbow grease

    I shared this article on another page and thought it belonged in this category as well. I'm working on putting a 1956 F100 on top of a Ford Explorer and I ran into a nice little CHEAP secret online after searching my house for an hour looking for vinegar. Instead of that, for just $1.25, you...
  5. J

    Completely Remove Trim?

    Can anyone point me to a thread that goes through the steps of removing all the trimming from the ex? Searched to no avail. I have trimming on bumpers, fenders, quarters and all doors. I might be buying a parts explorer in the next month and will be taking off bumpers, doors, hood, etc. The...
  6. J

    Can I remove the AC?

    Hey there, My ac doesnt work and I dont really use it in cars that it does work in, so since im going to be doing alot of replacing stuff in the engine compartment a little extra room would be great! MY question is can I remove the AC system without interfering with other systems and how would...
  7. Remove the two bolts & clamps.

    Remove the two bolts & clamps.

  8. Remove the metal cover.

    Remove the metal cover.

  9. J

    Disable Steering wheel Lock

    I wanna do a keyless push button start but this is delaying my project... I know its possible, anyone care to explain?
  10. Nosveten

    Side steps were removed. How do I cover the holes?

    Ok so I removed the side steps from my '00 Eddie and now I have all the holes showing from the clips and bolts. I was wondering how one would go about covering those holes up. It's my daily driver and I'm very, I mean less than $200 to my name with bills coming in, tight on money. So I wanted...
  11. Jstcruz

    I want to bypass the factory amp at the amp. Please Help!

    I want to take the factory amp out of my 97 X and just tie the wires together right there at the amp so I do not have to get the bypass harness. Does anybody have the wire colors to do this? Thanks in advance!
  12. Remove the hood bulb to avoid draining the 9 volt battery.

    Remove the hood bulb to avoid draining the 9 volt battery.

  13. X

    How to Replace Front & Rear Seat Belts (Pictures)

    I started on replacing my filthy seat belts, and wanted to give a "how-to". Difficulty scale from 1-10: 2. This is a VERY easy and simple project that makes a huge difference to you and your passenger as you put the seat belts on for each drive you take. Here are two of the belts side by...
  14. X

    How to remove back hatch interior panel (pictures)

    If you have been following some of my threads, I have been replacing and cleaning my interior of my newly purchased 99' XLT. Here is my carpet replacement thread: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=272522 I then found and replaced the floor mats...
  15. theSpoon

    Engine bay cleanup

    So I'm in the process of making my engine bay more pleasing to the eye and also easier to work on. I have a 1997 Sport 4.0SOHC. So far I've removed my a/c (haven't gotten the heaterbox back on yet) and done away with that intake cover. My future plans are to get rid of some of the large ugly...
  16. The tire has to be opened to remove the damaged inner tube.

    The tire has to be opened to remove the damaged inner tube.

  17. Remove 2 corner screws to get access to the igniter.

    Remove 2 corner screws to get access to the igniter.

  18. IAC Valve removed

    IAC Valve removed

    IAC Valve removed