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repainting trim

  1. T

    Need to refinish rear bumper and tupperware/cladding

    Searched the forums and can't find any reference to this product: http://www.3m.com/product/information/Rocker-Gard-Paintable-Rocker-Panel-Coating.html Got a 2001 Explorer Sport 4X4 Dark Teal Metallic with tan or beige cladding. The color combo looks good and the Sport is being repainted...
  2. LONO100

    re-finished the trim in my 03 ST (PICS)

    HEY ALL, the rubber coating on the trim in my ST's dash was starting to peel a bit near the AC controls, so i took the piece off and re-did it using some tips i got from briandye in another post. it worked out pretty good. i repainted it white since the color of mt ST is white. it gives it a...