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  1. Bobs2018Explorer


    I have a brand-new, never-used OEM Ford Explorer Police Interceptor wheel that is equipped with a high-end Michelin SUV tire that I no longer need, so I am offering it up for sale here on the forum. I had originally put this together to use as a full-size spare tire, but am now running different...
  2. T

    Wheel offset without causing issues

    Hello Everyone, I have reviewed a few other threads but cant seem to get a clear answer. I have a 08' Explorer XLT with stock 16 inch rims that has a 44mm offset. I am wanting to install a 16 or 17 inch rim that has 0mm or 12mm offset. What, if any, issues may occur with the install of such a...
  3. P

    Spare Tire Rim

    Have used the Spare Tire here and there, but recently needed to use it while a tire was being repaired. The rim was pretty badly rusted. Structurally is sound but a lot of scale rust is flaking off. Question: Do I take this rim to a refurb shop for a basic sand blasting/paint job or is it...
  4. J

    Camaro SS 20" rims to XLT

    Anyone done it? Below are the specs I found, wondering would i have to buy spacers or would they even fit? 02' XLT: BOLT PATTERN: 5x114.3 (5x4.5) STUD SIZE: 1/2"x20mm HUB / CENTER BORE: 70.6mm OFFSET: 25-40mm (M/H) Camaro 2010-2013 Size: 20" x 8", 5x120.7 (5x4.75) +35mm offset...
  5. J

    will 265/70/18 fit?? -12 offset??

    looking at getting tires and rims for my 03 limited 4x4. I've been doing research on this site for a while but haven't seen anyone running a 265/70/18 (32.6) which is an inch bigger than what I've heard will fit with no rub. the rims I'm wanting are18x9 -12 offset. would that offset cause rub...
  6. A

    Rims and tires......again

    For starters, I have read through over 100 threads to find out about rims, tires, tire rubbing, bolt patterns, backspacing, and offset. I also learned about gear ratios and tire size with respect to fuel economy and towing. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the answers that I am looking for...
  7. S

    bolt pattern

    i have a man here claming that the gmc 5 bolt pattern will fit on my explorer 5 bolt pattern. is this true or is this phony?
  8. The screws are getting mounted to the rim.

    The screws are getting mounted to the rim.

  9. The screws are all around the rim.

    The screws are all around the rim.

  10. The aluminum tape is covering the rim.

    The aluminum tape is covering the rim.

  11. POR-15 on rim

    POR-15 on rim

    Sanblasted and coated with por-15 rust preventative coating.
  12. close up of wheel

    close up of wheel

    closer look at texture coating
  13. Gold Bar Rim

    Gold Bar Rim

    Specatacular View!