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  1. R

    Off Road Light Question

    Hi everyone, Im new to the forum but will be a very active member now that Ive finally gotten my 2007 explorer xlt. Its the dark green V6 with tan leather interior and 3rd row seating. Ill post some pictures later, its completely stock right now. Okay so I have a question, well really 2...
  2. Testing 4" Tuff Country lift

    Testing 4" Tuff Country lift

    Well, after the testing, the next projects will definately be: rear bumper, lockers, and bead locks.
  3. timwexp


  4. digin' in

    digin' in

  5. going up 1a

    going up 1a

  6. over


  7. almost there

    almost there

  8. going up 3

    going up 3

  9. going up 2

    going up 2

  10. going up 1

    going up 1

  11. im000929-2


  12. im000923-2


  13. im000919-2


    My buddy here is 6'3"!
  14. mt shasta

    mt shasta

    driving toward Mt Shasta in June 2002
  15. View from Saxton Mtn.

    View from Saxton Mtn.

  16. Close up on Melissa

    Close up on Melissa

    Saxton Road, Summer 2002.
  17. Melissa climbing around.

    Melissa climbing around.

    Saxton Road, Summer 2002.
  18. Me and My best Girl!

    Me and My best Girl!

    Saxton Road, Summer 2002. Outside of Idaho Springs, CO.
  19. Mel being cute.

    Mel being cute.

    Saxton Road. Melissa suprised by the Zoom Lense.
  20. Melissa and Explorer

    Melissa and Explorer

    Saxton Road summer of 2002. Just outside of Idaho Springs.