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  1. T

    1998 Explorer Sport

    I am new to the Forum and figured I would show off my ride. Im 17 years old and i had a 1st gen explorer last year and i sold it. I missed it so much I had to buy another one. so here it is...before and after. First Day I bought it Washed and waxed Got bored and painted the...
  2. New Sub Box (3 10" Subs for Sport Trac)

    New Sub Box (3 10" Subs for Sport Trac)

    My new sub box for 3 10" subs that fit behind the seat. Just waiting on my 3 10" RF Punch 1's to show up.
  3. Amp


    the RF bd500.1 behind the passenger side quater panel. had to be the first one to post in this section!