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roof rack

  1. P

    08 Custom flat rack

    hi everyone! Just wanted to show the rack i built for my 4th gen! I used my old full size bed frame. Maybe this will give out some inspiration! Anyone else rocking a flat rack? If so drop some pictures.
  2. JonathanExp

    How to: 3rd Gen Roof Rack and Lights Setup

    here are my pics and write up for a 3rd gen roof rack with integrated wiring and lights setup. i used a rola roof cargo basket (from etrailer) with the extension. i selected it in part because of the aesthetics and it fits nicely on top of the roof rails. i wish it was not so heavy but i...
  3. D

    2013 Explorer Roof Rail Trim? Does this piece exist?

    Good afternoon! I’ve been searching for this small trim piece for Months now and can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere! I tired rockauto, eBay, Craigslist, FB marketplace, Etc, And even My local Ford dealership which told me I would need to buy the whole roof rail system. Which I wasn’t...
  4. F

    2015 Explorer Roof Rack LED Mount

    I’ve searched high and low to find a thread discussing how to cleanly mount custom rear facing LED light pods but could only find forward mount, so I’ve decided to tackle this project on my own. I’m almost finished, just need to mount and wire, but I’ll post up my progress so far and as I go...
  5. K

    New Ford Explorer ST, what can I do?

    Hello all! I am new to these forums as I recently have acquired a black ford explorer st with everything but the street pack. So the first thing I am doing is switching out the tires and putting red brake caliper covers on. Then I am planning on tinting all windows and maybe headlights a little...
  6. S

    3rd gen explorer

    Hey everyone, I’m looking for a roof rack similar to a Prinsu or Rhino rack but am having trouble finding one for my 3rd gen Ex. Are there any company’s out there that make customs? I called Sherpa equipment co but they said their lead time was 8 months so hopefully looking to find something...
  7. S

    Yakima Landing Pad 19 issues

    Has anyone installed a yakima rack using this system. If so, were you able to use the rubber inserts with the landing pads. I had a really difficult time forcing the bolts in with the rubber inserts so i installed the pads without. I do not feel as safe without the inserts and wonerong if anyone...
  8. B

    How To: 2017 Explorer Custom Mount for Yakima Awning

    I wasn't ready to spend 250+ on roof crossbars so I came up with three 3,5mm thick plates with 6 holes and spray painted it black and put some plastic chrome imitation on the borders so it blends with the OEM bars. all the details are in the pictures I've attached but if you have any questions...
  9. 9

    Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!

    I've got a pretty bad roof rust problem, and I'm trying to get together a game plan to tackle it right and paint the whole vehicle this summer. As you can see there have been multiple attempts to fix it before 4+ and counting! I would like to remove the whole upper rack assembly and bumpers...
  10. Indispensable Explorer

    Roof rack removal

    I decided to restore my roof rack, this morning I removed the rear roof rack with ease,the front was a different story, a passenger side screw isn't coming off. It just turns, and appears to be damaged in some way. I would like to avoid painting the rack while on the vehicle if at all possible...
  11. J

    Roof rack suggestions?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to add a roof rack to my 2007 limited to carry an old town canoe. Canoe is about 14 feet long, 36" wide. I'm looking at generic fit crossbars as I don't have the factory crossbars. I have the factory roof rails though. Any suggestions? The canoe will be the heaviest thing...
  12. N

    2011-2015 Roof Rack Design Flaw?

    After a weekend away, using our roof rack for the 1st time, I found that the hard plastic prongs along the rails had punctured into the roof of our explorer. We have the factory cross bars installed and the total weight of the cross bars and equipment connected to the cross bars was 69 pounds...
  13. N

    3rd gen roof rack ?s

    Anybody have a kayak transportation roof rack set up? I'd like to know what size and brand cross bars to look into. (3rd gen)
  14. M

    selecting a roof rack for lumber

    hello everyone I do construction/demoltion work and I am considering buying a Roof Rack for my 2005 Explorer. I am looking for some input on selecting a rack that I can secure Lumber to. install this Roof Rack install a...
  15. SixPonies

    For Sale: 2006-2010 Roof Rack Cross Bars

    For Sale: OEM Roof Rack Cross Bars and attaching hardware. Fits 2006-2010 Explorer, Mountaineer, and 2007-2010 Sport Trac. $100 shipped Location: Mahomet, IL
  16. P

    2002 roof rack repaint

    Hi anyone repaint aluminum roof rack yet not much of a painter and how do I get these things off without destroying them do the bolts go all the way threw Thanks for any help
  17. C

    2005 Explorer Roof Rack Removal

    I couldn't find any place where someone explained hot to remove the stock rack on the 2005. It's pretty easy, remove the front and rear covers. If your trying to save them, lift it up easy and get something thin between the cover and base piece ( flat screw driver worked for me, but a putty...
  18. N

    suggestions for nerf bars

    Hey guys, I am looking to add some nerf bars 05 ST. I am sure there are plenty of brands out there. I know I want the black bars, but not sure if there is a certain brand that is better. Any suggestions? Budget is probably around $200. Also looking to add some cross rails to the roof and...
  19. J

    Homemade roof rack

    Hello, just thought id do a write up of how I made my roof rack! The roof rack is full length and width, with respect to the roof, ill get measurements eventually... I used 1/2 inch conduit and a flux core mig welder. What you need: Around about 60-70 feet of conduit = 6-7 pieces at 2$ each...
  20. jcerrion

    2012 Picture Track down - roof rack

    Guys, I need some help. Can anyone help me track down a contact to the owner of this 2012 explorer? I love his tire setup, and the look with a roof rack. i want to get info on the specs of this setup. such as: Wheels-? size, brand Tires-? size, brand lift or suspension adjustment? new...
  21. S

    FYI: yakima rack fit guide is wrong!

    If you're purchasing a rack from Yakima, their online fit guide is wrong. It says you need 48" crossbars, when you actually need 58" bars. As you were.
  22. LONO100

    finished CB radio install w/new roof rack on 03 ST, project: clean (pics!)

    hey all, after squeezing in a few minutes here and a few minutes there in a busy work week, here are pictures of my CB radio install on my 2003 ST with my new roof rack that ive been dying to get. my goal was to make it as clean an install as possible without having to drill any holes or alter...
  23. Shooey_

    Mod Time: Roof Rack or Swing Away Carrier?

    Hello! So it's getting to be travel season and I'm going back and forth between a Bronco or similar swing away carrier or a roof rack. Main usage is going to be a for the tire, hello, and a jerry can. But we're also going to be some 55W Baja lights pretty soon. I don't think we'll be running...
  24. kstrayhorn

    Homemade safari rack mouting question

    So i am making my own safari rak. My problem at the moment is the mount to the roof rack. With the materials i have now ot would be easiest if i could mount it vertically straight up And down like the 2nd gen roof racks are instead of horizontally like my third gen rack is. So if i got a gen 2...
  25. J

    new member

    Hey i just bought an '05 Explorer sport trac xlt. im loving every bit of it. It has a 6" Fabtech lift with 35's on 20's not my choice but thats what the previous owner had on there. It has a Yakima roof rack with two KC daylighters attached to it and two more mounted on the front grill. im...