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  1. M

    RPMS surging on acceleration

    I have a 1995 explorer for with 190k miles, I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on. 1. I'll get a random check engine light but 5 different scanners won't read it 2. Engine starts fine and runs just fine on a cold start but once it warms up my RPMs surge from 2500k to 0 and back...
  2. S

    Jerking when under 1000 RPM

    Whenever I slow down and the rpm is under 1000, no pedals being pressed, the RPMs start to go up and down and at sometimes can hit close to 0 and the car feels like its jittering. At higher speed, the RPMs are normal and have no problem driving. I have a 2015 PIU with 120k miles. Do any of these...
  3. 2

    RPM fluctuations at idle. Normal?

    Since getting my scan tool, I’ve noticed that my rpm’s decrease and increase slightly in park, and in drive with the brake on. Does this happen to anyone else? It’s not a huge change, but they do move up and down by about 10 rpms every second. This was over the course of a minute:
  4. F

    Vibration/Noise at specific RPM

    Hey guy, My 07 Explorer (4.6) has been making this new sound recently. Whenever I hit 3900-4100 RPM I get this Vibration that I can feel through the petals and a little while in my seat. Its a deeper tone but it does sound metallic. I can get it to happen in every gear so I'm not sure if its...
  5. F

    High idle mod for 4.0

    I plan on modifying and installing a Sanders a/c compressor to provide unlimited air, to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, I've been trying to find a way to install/fabricate a high idle switch to use when the compressor is being used. It'll hold the engine around 1500 rpm ideally. Does...
  6. T

    High RPM / 3rd gear jerking

    My girlfriends 1994 ford explorer (130k miles) is having a problem that will not allow her car to pass a smog test. When she is driving around 35+ mphs , the car has trouble getting into(I think 3Rd gear). It will stay at 35mph and the RPM needle will almost get to the red before it jerks into...
  7. V

    Drop in Rpm on startup

    Hey guys, Ever since last winter, I had an issue that whenever I would start my truck, the rpm would climb as usual, then drop suddenly and climb back up to what I consider to be a normal rpm range (1000-1500). This problem got worse when it got pretty cold like below freezing temperatures (I'm...
  8. G

    2011 Explorer towing concern

    I'd consider myself a novice tow guy. I have a deep V boat I tow with both my 11 Explorer and 06 Escape without a problem. My wife and I now have a 18 foot hybrid travel trailer. It's dry weight is just short of 4000lbs and we've weighed it at 4200 when loaded with our gear. My question...
  9. A

    Engine shutters at stop after heavy acceleration

    I have a 2003 Explorer, with the 4.6 V8. When driving a steady pace, all is well. But when I get on it to pass someone, or put the truck in passing gear, and then I come to a complete stop at a light or whatnot, the truck's RPM's get so low that the truck shakes pretty hard for a few seconds...
  10. C

    94 Ranger sticks at 900rpm after warm

    Hello, I am new to this forum. Have a 94 Ranger XL 2.3 (manual). I replaced most everything after a Craig list find and it runs OK now. IHC and TPS replacement improved idling considerably. However, a) If AC is off, RPM sticks at 900 after truck is warm, but it often returns to 700 on its...
  11. S

    Intermittent RPM Increase in OD, Cruise set @ 55 MPH(Symptoms & Fix)

    I have been using the Forums for a couple of years now, just hiding in the Shadows and getting what I need to carry out the little chores that come up with any older used Vehicle, in this case it started with a 91 ranger(wrecked) and was replaced by a 1994 Explorer XLT... Wanted to say Thanks...
  12. F

    RPM Drop

    I'm having an issue and I'm lost for ideas. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT 4.0l V6 with 70k on it. Had the transmission replaced under warranty with a rebuilt unit around 63k. Now when I start the car the RPMs jump up to 2k RPMs for about 30 seconds then back down to 600-800. Then as I come to a...
  13. A

    A4LD 86' Torque Converter not locking - 4000 rpm at 65mph - wires reversed?

    I have a 1986 Bronco 2 that I just had the transmission rebuilt in. It runs great and shifts great. I was going down the road today with the cruise at 65mph and I was at 4000 rpm. I called my Dad (who has been a mechanic for a very long time). He said put your hazards on and the rpms should go...
  14. N

    '97 Mercury Mountaineer. Shift at high RPMs.

    I have a '97 Mercury Mountaineer 2WD. It runs great esp. when cool or cold. However, when it warms up I have to get the RPMs up to 2500 and let off on the throttle before it will shift into all gears. There is intermittent times when it will shift fine when warm but I can't figure it out. It did...
  15. B

    I'd like some help on this one.

    I have a 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer, i rev my engine( Pedal 2 the metal) and my RPM's goes up to 3,500 and will not go any higher. are there any forums for this? any way i can fix that problem? i am trying to increase acceleration and certain ways work best. is this a good way to go about? i need...
  16. 2

    Help with A/C. (Video)

    I posted a thread about this a while ago. Whenever I turn my A/C on my RPM rises and drops, there's also a clicking sound that it makes while it does this. Here's a link to the video. Sorry about the low volume. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXyTFq5g-Aw
  17. 2

    RPM trouble.

    I just recently got a 2000 Explorer XLT from my parents. They never bothered taking care of it since they just bought a new Tahoe instead and don't feel that it's worth putting much more money into >:[. I've replaced the ball joints and got the fuel filter changed. Now I'm having a problem with...
  18. L

    Question: safe maximum RPM

    Hey guys, new to this forum, and have a quick question! I have a manual '98 Explorer Sport ovh, and was wondering how High I can get the RPMS up without hurting the engine. Might sound like a dumb question, but at the same time there is no 'red line' and I know after hitting 5,000RPMS it doesn't...
  19. 9

    high idle!!!

    im new here bout my 93 sport bout two weeks ago i got something going on with the rpms i start it and it sticks at 3000 rpms and stay there i unplug the MAF and it drops some but stays up higher then normal ive heard vac lines and IAC but i would like a second opinion cause if i can do it my...
  20. Q

    How to: 3000 RPM Tach Fix

    If you have a tach that you think has gone bad just because it is always up around 3000 rpm? It's not busted - just needs some old fashioned TLC... Here goes: You'll need: T-20 and T-15 Torx driver or bit Something to pry the dash trim off Soldering Iron and maybe some solder/flux 1. Start...
  21. T

    Loss of power and overdrive light flashing

    I have a 98 explorer 4x4 shoc v6 and today when i turned the car on it started fine however when i started to drive the and got to around 30 mph the over drive light started flashing and then the rpm's started reving up real high like between 4500 and 5000 rpms and it loss power as in 45mph is...
  22. S

    Tachometer question

    I browse through the post here QUITE often , but this is my first post. I greatly appreciate any and all information that i have recieved from this place. There is obviously a lot of knowledge here. There is 1 thing that I am having trouble with that i dont understand and I cant get any good...
  23. joker1457

    Help!!!! Please!!!!

    98 Explorer SOHC Heres the deal I have lost a good amount of power and about three miles per gallon. I had her in for three tensioners in the past two weeks, the mechanic replaced the front camshaft tensioner, the jackshft tensioner, and the balance shaft tensioner. The car Idles fine and...
  24. F

    RPM to High

    I've got a 94 XLT 4x4. The truck has always ran great and I take good care of her. Last week I noticed that my rpm's were running to high. For the last 5 years the truck has run 70mph at 2000rpm now all of the sudden it runs 55mph at 2000rpm and at 70mph at 2500-3000rpm. That is the most...
  25. T

    help with rpm's and idle issue

    ok i've read this place enough to know that normal rpm's at idle are around 500 to 700....now that being the case, when mine get that low, my ex sounds like she's about to die, the lights flicker and the voltage meeter bounces around....cleaned the maf and cleaned the iac, plan on replaceing the...