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rust repair

  1. H

    2002 ex sport 2 door rocker panel help.

    I cant not find rocker panels for the out side because mine have rusted out and the bottom plastic trim piece is barley being held up. I have a 2002 ford explorer sport 2 door. Any help should I just buy slip ons and cut them to fit since it will be hidden anyway. Has anyone worked on this car...
  2. 9

    Tackling Runaway Roof Rust!

    I've got a pretty bad roof rust problem, and I'm trying to get together a game plan to tackle it right and paint the whole vehicle this summer. As you can see there have been multiple attempts to fix it before 4+ and counting! I would like to remove the whole upper rack assembly and bumpers...
  3. V

    Wanted Recommendations for repairing surface rust

    Looking for some recommendations on how to best tackle some surface rust that has appeared along the sill of the RH rear door. The rust has not progressed beyond the sill, so I want to try to tackle this issue before it gets any worse. Hoping for some DIY suggestions that are going to keep me...
  4. Rick

    List of Useful Threads Bodywork and Detailing Forum's Best Threads

    Body Work 101 How I addressed the Rust on the Ford LD50 1st gen Rusty rocker panel bodywork - rockerpanel replacement How To: Recover your Center Console (10 Steps) Rear Door Vent Window Replacment Getting those plastic trims back to OEM black with pics How to: 1st Gen Gas Tank Fuel Pump...
  5. M

    Derusting Running boards--Prep question

    Newbie at truck repair. How easy would it be to remove the treads on the running board of a Ford Ranger? Thinking about repairing some light rust and don't want to buy a $250. running board kit.