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    Curve control?

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has experienced this so called "curve control" and if it is actually a noticable feature. Supposedly it is part of the stability control. I have tried diving into corners at all different speeds and purposefully over/understeer and never felt anything or had any...
  2. P

    Misfire safety

    So heading home from work today I got a check engine light and pulled into the local auto parts store and had it ran. Code was P0303 which is cylinder 3 misfire. Already had plugs and wires ordered for routine maitanence but won’t be here until the 10th. Issue is I need it to drive to work each...
  3. J

    Aussie 1st time owner of 98 Explorer

    Hi guys, Ive just bought a 98 explorer XLT I must say i almost died when i found all of the stories online about the explorers being one of the most dangerous cars on the road and not atall family friendly. There is so much negative information i almost considered selling it straight away...
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    Budget Suspension Lift Safety I apologize in advance for this coming across as a newbie question. But, I've searched all over and can't find exactly the info I'm looking for. Basically, I've decided on the method of lift I want. Right now I have some brand new 31" Kelly Safaris on my 92 Explorer and they rub a...