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  1. B

    Sand Driving - Quick Question

    Hi all, what are your experiences with driving on soft sand at normal tyre pressures on all terrain tyres? My current Toyota Surf KZN185 3.0 diesel is running Cooper Discoverer AT3 tyres, and I've never had to pressure down for sand - it goes through deep soft sand like nothing, even while...
  2. U

    Moderate Tire Upgrade - Help ??

    I am fortunate to have just purchased from my parents their pristine 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0. Gold with leather, 100% stock. They bought it new, used it very gently, and only ever put 92K miles on it. My teenage son (new driver) and I are planning to use it as a bit of a "light overlanding"...
  3. Catching some sun

    Catching some sun

    The beast in her natural habitat
  4. S

    Beach Modifications

    Hi, I recently bought a 96 explorer. I live in NC and have access to drive on beaches and want to do some modifications to make it better on the soft sand, I took it on the beach yesterday and it did pretty good stock I just want to make it better. So far I plan on doing: Torsion bar lift...
  5. J

    Grille Paint & Prep

    Thinking of painting my grille... It's the standard chrome surround which is holding up fine, but a medium silver middle which has worn away to show the cream plastic color. Has anyone tried Krylon Fusion Textured for plastics on this? I already have a black can of it sitting around, though...
  6. J

    New here

    Hello all, Just got my hands on a 2008 sport Trac Explorer, so far i like it a lot and looking forward to start adding updates on it to meet my dune bashing passion, as living in a nearby desert with hundreds kilometers of sand dunes, i will start Exploring it with Ford and your help over...
  7. Sedition

    Supercheap Auto via Stockton beach...:)

    I thought I would take the scenic route to Supercheap and take a camera. Got sand in my eyes on the second lap. :eek: 26km of beach from Stockton (near home) to Anna bay (Auto parts store). A smallish Sand dune. Also pulled out a stuck 2012 jeep, had his diffs crossed up on a small mound...
  8. Sandstuck


    Wrong turn in foot deep sand.
  9. Passenger Side on Beach

    Passenger Side on Beach

    Here's my truck on South Beach, Frisco, NC on Hatteras Island, the greatest beach ever!
  10. Avitar


    Parked on the beach.
  11. Diving In

    Diving In

  12. Peeking over top of Hill

    Peeking over top of Hill

  13. A little water can't hurt

    A little water can't hurt

    Having alittle fun in the water
  14. My old 95XLT

    My old 95XLT

    My first Explorer. Offroad in the sand...I had a lot of fun with that truck...too bad it had to end. No more sand for me until I find a good old beater.
  15. Parked in the sand

    Parked in the sand

    Oregon inlet on the outer banks, NC. This is truly the funnest beach around for wheelin and loungin.
  16. sittin in the sand

    sittin in the sand

    takin a break at the top of a dune