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  1. Terryhan05

    LCD screen going bad how to replace?

    Hello everyone. Been a member for a few weeks now. Everyone has been very helpful. I have a 2014 PIU. l have had it for about 2 months now. I have noticed the display is slowly working its way down. When I bought the PIU maybe 2 lines were noticeable. Any ideals how to stop it?
  2. A

    2004 Explorer Sport Trac - Slow Fuel Fill [SOLVED]

    2004 Explorer Sport Trac - Slow Fuel Fill [SOLVED] I finally found the problem with the slow fill problem after many hours of tracking and backtracking. The issue was in the fuel filler neck. I had earlier scoped the neck and screen with a fiber optic scope, and it looked clean. Because of that...
  3. N

    Can explorer 2017 base screen play video?

    Hi all, I hope i can find some help with an idea i have... I have a 2017 explorer base model and comes from factory with a rear camera displaying on the small radio screen the camera video... So this means the screen should be able to display videos also as the camera is a video...
  4. P

    2013 NEW MEMBER with questions

    Hi new member here. I just acquired a 2013 base Explorer with a 4cyl ecoboost. Pretty excited about the vehicle. A couple of questions. 1. I want to add a back up camera and have it hooked up with the sync screen. Can I do that, is there a good forum or how to video to address that? I...
  5. J

    Rear Evaporator Pre-Screen

    The compressor on my 4.6 with auxiliary controls failed and it spread metal chips throughout the system. I know in the front system there is the orifice tube which has a screen, but I was wondering if the rear system is screened and where? In the shop manual it says there is a screen at the...
  6. G

    Installing Backup Camera and 8" Screen in my 2013 Explorer - Is it possible?

    Hi, I purchased a 2013 Explorer a few years ago and did not opt for the backup camera and 8" screen. Is it possible to have this done aftermarket, if so will a Ford Dealership do it or do I need to go to an aftermarket auto accessory store? I would prefer to do this over selling purchasing a...
  7. D

    Nu shield for 12 ford explorer

    So long story short, NuShield proptector for 12 Ford Explorer MFT is now avaiable in Triple A this the the film that is matte finish but hides finger prints. Hopefully some of you will find this a disirable product also. I just ordered mine.
  8. T

    Unresponsive screen

    I have been having some really strange issues with my screen. Sometimes it is just fine. Sometimes it just does not respond at all. Sometimes it will beep and give an animation but not actually change anything. Sometimes it will be off axis where what ever is an inch below where I have...
  9. O

    Can someone help me identify these cargo covers?

    I have these three cargo covers / sun shades / privacy screens, but I don't know what year they fit. I got all three at a garage sale. Does anyone recognize the mounts? I think the first one is for a 91-94 model, the middle one appears to be newer. Both tans measure 52" and the grey one...
  10. grille screen

    grille screen

  11. My new Screen Intalled (Finaly)

    My new Screen Intalled (Finaly)

    My Clarion VMA6491 finaly installed